Does Rite Aid Pay Weekly? (Wages, Public Holiday Pay + More)

Different places of employment have startling different payment policies. Whether you’re paid weekly or biweekly, the payment policy of your employer has a huge impact on cash flow.

Therefore, if you’re starting a job at Rite Aid, you’re probably wondering if the company pays weekly or has a different pay schedule. To find out, keep reading below!

Does Rite Aid Pay Weekly In 2024?

Rite Aid pays biweekly for most positions in 2024. The exact day employees are paid does vary a bit, though, usually landing on Friday or Thursday. Because Rite Aid pays for that payment period on each payday (and not the previous one), it doesn’t withhold your first check. Instead, new employees are paid right away.

For most information on Rite Aid salaries and payment policies, read what I discovered below!

Does Rite Aid Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

Typically, all Rite Aid positions are paid biweekly, but the day that the company pays does vary somewhat.

For instance, some employees claim that the company pays on Fridays, while others pay on Thursdays.

Generally, hourly employees prefer that pay goes out weekly, so many are very disappointed that the company only pays biweekly.

Weekly payroll simply lines up with the employee’s needs more, as getting paid sooner greatly improves cash flow.

For this reason, many companies are shifting towards weekly payments. However, Rite Aid does not seem to be one of them.

In some cases, this biweekly payment may be enough to deter some employees from working there.

Does Rite Aid Hold Your First Check?

Rite Aid does not hold its new employee’s first check. You get paid on the first payday after you start – whether that’s two weeks away or the next day.

Therefore, the amount of money you receive can vary quite a bit from the first paycheck. For the most part, it depends largely on when you started working.

When you work for Rite Aid, you are paid for the work you completed in that current pay period.

For many companies, you’re paid for the work you completed in the previous pay period, which is why you don’t typically make anything for the first paycheck.

With that said, this isn’t a policy that Rite Aid follows, so employees don’t have to worry about going a month without a paycheck.

How Much Do Rite Aid Employees Get Paid?

How Much Do Rite Aid Employees Get Paid?

Generally, the pay at Rite Aid is about 50/50, and in some cases, it’s pretty good.

However, in other cases, it really isn’t. For the most part, it depends on your experience and the needs of the store that you’re hired onto.

If stores are in desperate need of an employee, they are usually willing to pay more. On the other hand, if the store doesn’t have any problem finding people to hire, it typically pays worse.

For the most part, Rite Aid seems to pay about average compared to the rest of the industry.

The company also provides pretty decent bonuses, which employees stated were very helpful for its annual finances.

The average pay seems to be around $15 an hour. However, that is counting all positions. On the other hand, cashiers may about $11, while shift supervisors make about $13.

Of course, the job you’re getting has a huge effect on the pay. Managers are paid more than your average cashier, for instance.

Does Rite Aid Pay Well?

The overall review of Rite Aid wages is quite low. Many employees were disappointed in its starting rate, and most didn’t receive a raise for a very long time.

With that said, some positions at Rite Aid do get paid very well. Its pharmacists are paid quite well, for instance.

However, other positions that require fewer certifications usually don’t get paid quite as well. The retail side of things barely makes more than minimum wage by most reports.

If you’re looking for a retail job, you will likely get better pay by going somewhere else.

However, you may also enjoy the flexible hours that more Rite Aids provide, which can make up for the lower pay.

Does Rite Aid Pay Time and a Half on Holidays?

For the most basic roles, there is no holiday or vacation pay. In fact, Rite Aid was voted as having one of the worst holiday policies for employees.

Additionally, Rite Aid doesn’t provide extra pay for those working those holidays, and you typically will not get them off.

Based on this information and the company’s lower pay, this seems to be a place people avoid when looking for employment.

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Rite Aid pays biweekly, which is often not what employees want. However, the company doesn’t withhold new employees’ paychecks, which may be a vital consideration for those looking for employment.

The pay at this store is known for being poor, though. Retail employees are usually paid a bit less than they would be elsewhere, though it does depend on their overall experience.

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