Does Rite Aid Sell Air Mattresses? (Try This Instead)

You often find yourself in need of an air mattress in pressing situations. Whether your air mattress is broken, or you suddenly don’t have enough beds for your guests, finding an air mattress when you need it can be challenging.

Rite Aid is known for its prescription medications. However, this company is also a convenience store that carries groceries and other items that are commonly needed. So, Keep reading to find out if Rite Aid carries air mattresses as well!

Does Rite Aid Sell Air Mattress In [currentyear]?

Rite Aid does not currently sell air mattresses, and we don’t expect that it will start to carry them any time soon. Air mattresses simply take up too much room and aren’t needed enough by convenience shoppers. Instead, you’ll need to head to a department store to find an air mattress in [currentyear].

For more information on where to purchase an air mattress, and other useful related facts, keep readin for more information!

Can You Find Air Mattresses at Rite Aid?

While Rite Aid does sell many convenient products, on top of providing medications and prescriptions, you cannot find air mattresses there – or any other type of mattress at all.

While it’s unclear exactly why air mattresses aren’t sold at Rite Aid, it’s likely because they don’t fit within the store’s aims.

Not only are air mattresses quite large, but they are also not really a “convenience” item.

In other words, no one goes into Rite Aid to pick up some medicine, and just happens to walk out with a mattress.

Therefore, mattresses just don’t fit what Rite Aid is trying to accomplish. It isn’t a convenience item, and takes up too much space to comfortably fit in stores.

Where Can You Buy an Air Mattress?

Where Can You Buy an Air Mattress? Rite Aid

You’ll need to visit a department store to purchase an air mattress. For instance, both Wal-Mart and Target have air mattresses of various kinds (usually).

 Of course, it’s always better to call and check that your local store has one before making the trip out there to pick it up.

Some stores that sell camping supplies may also have air mattresses, as they are commonly used when camping.

However, these will probably be built for tents specifically, so they may not be exactly what you’re looking for.

Similarly, you may find these mattresses at home improvement stores. Home Depot sells them, for instance.

If you have a similar store near you, you may want to call and check that it sells this product.

Of course, you can also find quite a few air mattresses online. Amazon carries them, but you can also buy them directly from brands in some cases.

Often, the best air mattresses come from independent brands, and can be purchased through the brand websites.

Some places that sell regular mattresses may also sell air mattresses. For instance, Kohl’s is  known to have air mattresses.

What your local store sells might vary, though.

When searching for an air mattress, we highly recommend that you call ahead to ensure that your local store carries these, as they are not a staple product at most stores.

What Pharmacies Sell Air Mattresses?

Air mattresses are not what you typically expect to find at a pharmacy. However, Walgreens does sell these mattresses – at least online.

However, if you’re shopping in-store, then we recommend calling ahead to ensure that your local store has one.

For the most part, other pharmacies do not sell air mattresses. Of course, you can always call ahead and check just to make sure.

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Currently, Rite Aid does not sell any air mattresses. For the most part, air mattresses just don’t fit in Rite Aid’s focus on health and wellness. The company provide medications and convenience items to its shoppers, and air mattresses don’t fit into those categories.

However, you can find them at many department stores, like Target. Furthermore, Walgreens sometimes sells air mattresses, though they are mostly found online.  

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