Does Safeway Do Money Orders? (All You Need To Know)

Many stores and businesses allow customers to purchase money orders. Post offices, retail stores, and financial institutions make this service available to customers who need to get a money order placed.

If you’re a customer at Safeway, perhaps you’re wondering if you can get a money order processed at your local store location. If so, continue reading this article to see what I learned!

Does Safeway Do Money Orders?

The majority of Safeway stores across Canada and the United States currently offer money order services through their contract with Western Union. Customers can place money orders, make money transfers, and complete other financial tasks through either the Safeway customer service desk or a similar department.

If you’d like to learn more about how much money orders cost at Safeway, what tender is required to pay for a money order, if Safeway cashes money orders, and more, keep reading!

Where Can I Purchase a Money Order at Safeway?

Safeway usually runs its Western Union services through the customer service desk at most of its store locations.

If customers want to purchase a money order, they can approach a store associate at the customer service/reception desk, and they will process the order directly.

It should be noted that while most Safeway’s offer Western Union at their customer service desk, some stores listed on the Western Union website have discontinued this service and have yet to be updated.

Therefore, it’s recommended that customers phone Safeway ahead of time to ensure their local store location still offers this service.

How Much Does a Money Order at Safeway Cost?

The fees for purchasing a money order will vary per Safeway location. However, the price generally falls to around $1 per order.

As well, most store locations require their customers to limit each money order to $500 each.

If a customer needs to send a larger amount, they can purchase multiple money orders.

What Form of Payment is Required for Money Orders at Safeway?

What Form of Payment is Required for Money Orders at Safeway?

Currently, most Safeway stores require that all money orders be placed using cash.

However, this policy may vary slightly per store and at the discretion of a store manager.

Does Safeway Cash Money Orders?

All Safeway stores are unable to cash money orders for their customers. However, they are able to cash checks.

The checks must be payroll or government-issued, as Safeway is not certified to cash personal or handwritten checks for their customers.

In order to cash a check at Safeway, customers will be charged a fee of $2.25 per $200 on each check. Safeway is also unable to cash a check larger than $1,500.

What Time of Day Can I Buy a Money Order at Safeway?

At most Safeway locations, the customer service desk hours differ from the regular store hours.

While all Safeway store hours vary per location, most customer service desks will be closed by 8 pm.

Can I Get a Refund on a Money Order at Safeway?

If a customer purchases a money order at Safeway, which is either lost or stolen, Safeway will grant the customer a refund.

Additionally, if the customer has a receipt for the order, the processing fee is $15.00.

However, if they don’t have a receipt, the processing fee is usually $30.00 with an additional research request.

Does Safeway Canada Do Money Orders?

Most Safeway locations across Canada will process money orders through Western Union services.

However, some store locations are only able to process a portion of Western Union’s usual services, and therefore some are unable to process money orders.

If customers are unsure if their local Safeway can process a money order, they are recommended to phone customer service ahead of time to confirm with a store associate.

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Most Safeway stores in the United States and Canada are able to process money orders through their Western Union service.

Customers can access this service at the customer service desk. Note that Safeway requires all money orders to be paid for in cash.

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