Does Safeway Price Match? (Try This Instead)

Many retail and grocery stores are willing to match prices with other grocery stores in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

If you shop at Safeway and have seen lower prices for the same groceries at other stores, you may wonder if Safeway will be willing to match a price for you.

If so, continue reading through this article to see what information I gathered on this topic!

Does Safeway Price Match?

According to the Safeway price matching policy, they will not offer price matches on any store products, groceries, or produce. Instead, Safeway customers can save by taking advantage of the Just For U Card, myOffers, coupons, and Two-For sales.

If you’d like to learn more about how to save money at Safeway, what types of discounts they offer, and other grocery stores that offer price matching, continue reading through this article for more information.

How Can I Save Money At Safeway?

While Safeway doesn’t offer price matching anymore, there are still a number of ways that customers can save money on their groceries, produce, homeware, and other items.

1. Sign Up for a Safeway Club Card/ Just For U Card (US Only):

  • Safeway has a rewards program for their customers that they recently renamed from Club Card to Just For U. This card allows customers to save coupons and discounts to their digital Just For U account, as well as discounts and coupons found in-store.
  • In order to join this rewards program, customers can go to, and create an account on the website
  • At the top of the menu, select the “Just For U” button and create your account.
  • Download the “Just For U” app and regularly check for discounts or coupons being offered.
  • You can also obtain a physical card that cashiers will scan for discounts and codes whenever you purchase.

2. Sign up For myOffers Rewards

  • Safeway has partnered with the myOffers app to help customers locate and redeem discounts and coupons at a faster rate.
  • In order to use myOffers rewards, scroll to the bottom of and click “Coupon Policy.” Once you click this option, at the top of the page, select the “Flyer & Savings” drop-down menu, and click on “myOffers.” This will lead you to the myOffers sign up page.
  • Once you’ve arrived at the signup page, you can either enter your AIR MILES card information into the form or sign up manually by entering in your personal and contact information.
  • Once you’ve signed up, download the myOffers app and begin loading offers onto your card from Safeway. You can redeem your offers using the app or scanning your AIRMILES card at the Safeway checkout.

3. Purchase Safeway Brand Products

  • Safeway offers its own store-brand food products. Their home brands are Signature Family of Brands, O Organics, Open Nature, Lucerne, waterfrontBISTRO, Primo Taglio, and Debi Lilly design.
  • These brands are usually well-stocked in Safeway stores, and their prices are much lower than other name-brand products that Safeway has in stock.

4. Use Coupons and Purchase BOGO Sale Items

  • Safeway is so popular because they frequently discount their groceries, household products, produce, and other products.
  • They offer a variety of coupons through the Safeway Weekly Flyer and frequently offer Two-For deals on snack foods, canned goods, and other groceries. Customers can also find coupons and discounts online or through the Safeway Mobile App.

Which Kinds of Sales Does Safeway Offer?

Which Kinds of Sales Does Safeway Offer?

Safeway frequently has sales and deals on their store items, which can be found on the Safeway App, the Safeway Weekly Flyer, and signage in Safeway stores.

The following sales and deals are their most prevalent:

1. Two-For Sales

  • Safeway frequently offers Two-For sales on multi-item packages. Products include frozen food packages, chips, soft drinks, and other similar products.
  • The sales are usually Two-For-One, Two-For-$4, and Two-For-$5, although these numbers may vary per region and store.

2. Promo Codes

  • Safeway’s website lists its Promo Deals on a weekly basis. These deals vary in value and variety on a regular basis (see below for examples).
  • $20 Off + Free Delivery- when customers spend $75+ on an online shopping order
  • Save $4- when customers purchase 2 participating brand items
  • Save $5- when customers spend $25 on select items.

What Kind Of Coupons Does Safeway Offer?

Safeway offers many coupons and offers in their Weekly Flyer, as well as online.

They will often offer coupons valued at $4 off, $5 off, $10 off, $20 off, and 15% off any purchase, depending on the weekly coupon deals being offered.

Which Grocery Stores In Canada Offer Price Matching?

While Safeway doesn’t offer price matching at this time, there are a number of grocery stores in which Canadians can price match their groceries.

In order to price-match items at the following stores, customers must have either the flyer or advertisement from the competing brand on hand for proof of price.

These stores are as follows:

  • No Frills
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • FreshCo
  • Save on Foods
  • Giant Tiger
  • Maxi

Each of these stores has its own individual policies on price matching, which can be found either on their store websites or by asking for help from a store associate.

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Safeway currently does not offer price matching in any of their store locations.

However, they do offer a wide variety of discounts, promo codes and sales to enable customers to save money on their grocery shopping, as well as the myOffer app for coupons.

Safeway stores in the US also offer a rewards program that enables customers to gain extra savings on their store purchases.

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