Does Safeway Sell Dry Ice? (Price, Locations + More)

Dry ice is helpful for flash-freezing foods, making ice cream, and preserving food when a fridge or freezer is out of commission.

If you’re a Safeway customer who requires the use of dry ice, perhaps you’re wondering if you can purchase it at your local Safeway. If so, continue reading this article to see what I learned!

Does Safeway Sell Dry Ice?

Safeway does sell dry ice in-store, which is available at select locations. Safeway stores that stock dry ice typically sell it for $1 -$3 per pound, which can sometimes be found at the customer service desk. Alternatively, customers can visit Walmart or Kroger to purchase dry ice.

If you’d like to learn more about how much dry ice costs at Safeway, how you can purchase it, what other stores sell it, and more, keep reading!

How Much Does Dry Ice Cost at Safeway?

Safeway doesn’t advertise their prices for dry ice on However, most grocery stores sell dry ice in 1-5 pound blocks costing between $1- $3 per pound.

If customers would like to learn more about what their local Safeway charges for dry ice, they can visit the store or phone the customer service desk for more information.

Grocery stores don’t stock dry ice with regular frozen stock for safety. If Safeway customers want to purchase dry ice, they can request it from the customer service desk.

The customer service desk will retrieve the dry ice from a private stock area and ring customers up at their desks directly.

Does Every Safeway Sell Dry Ice?

Most Safeway stores will stock dry ice in a private area. However, not every Safeway store may carry it, depending on the demand for dry ice in their store’s location.

Therefore, if customers would like to purchase dry ice from Safeway, they are encouraged to phone the store ahead of time. The customer service desk will explain how to purchase it if they carry it.

Customers can’t collect dry ice from the Frozen Foods aisle for safety precautions, as handling dry ice can be dangerous.

If their local Safeway does stock dry ice, customers can access it from the customer service desk.

Can I Buy Dry Ice Through Safeway Delivery and Instacart?

Can I Buy Dry Ice Through Safeway Delivery and Instacart?

Safeway does not generally make dry ice available through Safeway Delivery or Instacart, as handling dry ice can be dangerous and must be transported with care.

Safeway may allow this item to be ordered for delivery if a customer calls ahead of time and makes a request.

However, this will depend on the discretion of the local store manager.

Alternatively, customers can purchase Reddy ice bags from the Safeway Frozen Food aisle if they don’t require dry ice for their freezing requirements.

Reddy Ice can be purchased for only $3.49 per bag and can be ordered through Instacart and Safeway Delivery.

Which Other Grocery Stores Sell Dry Ice?

In addition to Safeway, many other grocery stores sell dry ice. Kroger, King Soopers, Walmart, and some Costco locations carry dry ice in their private stock.

If customers wish to purchase dry ice from any of these locations, they are recommended to phone ahead of time to check if dry ice is in stock.

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Most Safeway locations will carry dry ice in a private area of the store. This ice is dangerous and therefore not made available for online ordering.

Customers can purchase dry ice from Safeway by requesting it from the customer service desk.

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