Does Sam’s Club Deliver Mattresses & Furniture? (Full Guide)

Sam’s Club stocks its warehouses with several different kinds of products, and their supply isn’t limited to groceries and cleaning products like some people assume.  

Sam’s Club also offers its members mattresses and furniture from industry leaders like Serta at a reasonable price. Here is everything you need to know about Sam’s Club’s mattress and furniture delivery policy!  

Does Sam’s Club Deliver Mattresses & Furniture?  

Sam’s Club does deliver furniture and mattresses, which is done by third-party providers. The price of furniture and mattress delivery at Sam’s Club depends on your location, the time it takes to complete the delivery, and whether or not you need the item put together and delivered inside.  

To learn more about third-party delivery services and the different variations of delivery, keep on reading!  

Do Sam’s Club Employees Deliver Mattresses & Furniture?

All Sam’s Club deliveries of more oversized items like appliances, mattresses, and furniture (including bed frames, dining tables, dressers, coffee tables, chairs, TV units, chairs, etc.) are done through a third-party company, not by Sam’s Club employees.  

There are three different delivery methods that you can choose from when it comes to delivering your mattress or furniture: 

Threshold Delivery 

With threshold delivery, movers will place your item in the first dry area available, like a garage or front entryway. If you live in an apartment, the movers will only deliver inside the complex’s first floor.

The movers do not assist with any unpacking, clean up, or set-up processes with threshold delivery, making this ideal for smaller furniture items.  

When in-store, a Sam’s Club team member will give you information about the delivery charge, as the price can be included when opting for a warranty.

White-Glove Delivery 

If you want your mattress or furniture delivered to a particular room, Sam’s Club’s white glove delivery is the perfect option for you.  

With white glove delivery, movers will unload and place your item in the room of your choosing and will help with unpacking and the removal of packing materials.  

However, white glove delivery states that movers will only transport items up or down a maximum of 2 flights of stairs.  


Sam’s Club members can also use GoShare to have mattresses, furniture, TVs, and other appliances delivered to their homes.  

GoShare uses delivery professionals to load, deliver, and unload your Sam’s Club purchase per your instruction.  

All Sam’s Club membership levels can use GoShare for convenient same-day delivery.  

How Much Does It Cost To Deliver Mattresses & Furniture Through GoShare?

How Much Does It Cost To Deliver Mattresses & Furniture Through GoShare? 

GoShare customizes its estimates depending on the delivery service.  

For example, the estimate will be determined by the number of delivery professionals, the time required to complete the project, and what kind of truck the delivery professionals will need.  

If you want an estimate, visit the free GoShare estimate website! GoShare’s estimates include a maximum time limit, and most deliveries are completed before the said time limit.  

GoShare considers the driver arriving at the pickup station as the official start of the delivery process, and when your item(s) are finished being unloaded, the clock stops.  

If your mattress or furniture delivery will require the movers to navigate around stairs, make sure you inform GoShare while scheduling your delivery, as there are charges for unexpected obstacles.  

How Long Does It Take Sam’s Club To Deliver Mattresses & Furniture?

Processing and shipping are the factors that affect the time it takes to deliver mattresses and furniture from Sam’s Club.  

For furniture and mattress orders, processing time takes between 1-7 days because they are larger products.  

Regarding the shipping time, it varies greatly and depends on availability, the size of the product, and where you live.  

What Kind Of Furniture Does Sam’s Club Sell?

Sam’s Club’s low prices do not stop at their food and household products. The warehouse retailer has incredibly low prices on their furniture as well.  

No matter what kind of furniture you are looking for, Sam’s Club has exactly what you need! Some of the types of furniture Sam’s Club carries include: 

  • Dining room (benches, tables, chairs) 
  • Office (office chairs, water dispensers)  
  • Living room (couches, chairs, coffee tables)  
  • Kids (bean bag chairs, tables, bookshelves)  
  • Bedroom (bed frames, nightstands, dressers)  
  • Patio (fire pits, outdoor dining sets)  
  • Game room (Billiard tables, stools, lounge chairs)  

What Kinds Of Mattresses Does Sam’s Club Sell?

Sam’s Club offers mattresses of all the standard sizes, including twin XL and California King mattresses. Also, Sam’s Club offers several different kinds of mattresses, including: 

  • Water beds  
  • Memory foam  
  • Air mattresses 
  • Innerspring  
  • Adjustable  
  • Hybrid  
  • Beds in a box  

Some of the brands of mattresses that Sam’s Club carries include Serta, Member’s Mark, Beautyrest, and several others.  

Additionally, if you are looking for a bed frame or a headboard, Sam’s Club has an in-depth selection of those products as well!

To learn more, you might also be interested in reading up on Sam’s Club mattress return policy, if Sam’s Club delivers appliances, and the Sam’s Club TV return policy.


Mattresses and furniture are delivered via a third-party service that works with Sam’s Club to provide efficient and safe delivery.  

The delivery cost depends on your location, type of product, and where you want the product delivered.  

Additionally, Sam’s Club offers its members a wide array of furniture and mattresses from industry-leading brands like Serta.  

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