Sam’s Club TV Return Policy (Opened Box, Used, No Receipt + More)

One of the most memorable parts of any Sam’s Club store is the massive TV selection, which is often prominently displayed to showcase some eye-catching TVs!

Unfortunately, sometimes a TV is not what you expect, causing you to return the TV. If you have questions about Sam’s Club’s TV return policy, keep reading to find the information you need!

Sam’s Club TV Return Policy

Sam’s Club has a strict 90-day return and exchange policy for their TVs. TVs can be returned both in-store or online, as long as you have your member card information. Additionally, Sam’s Club accepts returns without a receipt or if the box is open.

For more information about Sam’s Club’s return policy for TVs, how to return a TV, and what to do without a receipt, continue reading!

How Do You Return A TV To Sam’s Club?

When returning a TV to Sam’s Club, the warehouse retailer offers two choices for doing so, depending on your preference.


Sam’s Club allows its members to return a TV without ever stepping into the store. After entering your log-in information into the Sam’s Club website, click ‘Purchase History’ under ‘My Account.’

Then, select ‘Return Item’ to print the shipping return label. Attach this label to your package and send it. To return a TV online, you must have purchased it online.

Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not allow you to return TVs online that were bought in-store.


When returning a TV in-store, bring your TV and all of the included accessories in the original box to any Sam’s Club location.

You do not need to return the TV at the store where you originally purchased it.

Make sure you bring your receipt for the TV with you, as it makes the return process quicker.

How Many Days Do You Have To Return A TV To Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club accepts both returns and exchanges for TVs up to 90 days after you initially bought the unit. Sam’s Club offers a wide array of leading TV brands, including:

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • TCL

After 90 days, Sam’s Club no longer accepts returns on TVs, even if it is damaged or unopened.

Can You Return A Used TV To Sam’s Club?

As long as you return the TV within 90 days of the purchase date, you can return a used TV. Ensure all the TV accessories are included when making the return; otherwise, the store will not accept them.

Additionally, if you caused any damage to the TV, Sam’s Club will not accept a return.

Can You Return A TV To Sam’s Club Without A Receipt?

Can You Return A TV To Sam’s Club Without A Receipt?

Although Sam’s Club prefers you bring the original receipt, you can still return TVs without one.

When returning your TV, a Sam’s Club employee will scan your membership ID to locate your recent purchase. So, always make sure you bring your member card when making TV returns!

You can also look up any past receipts on Sam’s Club’s website after entering your member information to log in.

Can You Return A Defective TV To Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club allows you to return any defective TV, as long as the return is within 90 days of your original purchase. After 90 days, you cannot return a TV even if it is defective.

One way to protect the TV well past the 90-day return window is to buy Sam’s Club’s TV warranty.

This warranty plan, called SquareTrade protection, is available for TVs worth $500 or more and is active for 4 years.

The SquareTrade protection plan costs $99 and includes several benefits, including:

  • Free delivery
  • Set-up
  • Haul-away and recycling of the old TV
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Protection against mechanical/electrical failures from normal use

Can You Return A TV In-Store That Was Purchased Online At Sam’s Club?

When you purchase a TV online, you can return it in-store at any Sam’s Club location within the United States.

When returning the TV in-store, make sure you bring your member ID and a receipt as proof of your TV purchase.

How Do You Get Your Refund After Returning A TV To Sam’s Club?

You may be wondering how Sam’s Club will refund your money after returning a TV. Sam’s Club prides itself on offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee for members on all products they buy at their stores.

Sam’s Club will offer you credit or cash in the amount of your refund. Or, Sam’s Club provides a store gift card in the total amount of the purchase.

If you buy a TV online and return it, you will receive credit on the account you used to purchase the item.

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Sam’s Club’s return policy for TVs is much longer than other stores (which usually only provide a 30-day window!).

Customers can return TVs that have been used, opened, and without a receipt as long as it falls within 90 days of the purchase date. Additionally, Sam’s Club offers returns in-store and online.

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