Does Sam’s Club Do Eye Exams? (Price, Locations, Types + More)

Sam’s Club offers more to its members than low prices on bulk groceries and household supplies. The warehouse retailer also has several services, like auto, pharmacy, and vision available.

Sam’s Club has an extensive Optical Center inside most locations across the country. So, you may be curious about the kinds of eyecare services Sam’s Club provides.

Here is everything I discovered about Sam’s Club’s eye exam services through my research!

Does Sam’s Club Do Eye Exams?

Sam’s Club performs standard eye exams for members and non-members for a price between $50-$100 at most locations. Once the eye exam is complete, customers can shop for lenses, frames, and contact lenses in-store. To book an appointment, call your local Sam’s Club Optical store.

To learn more details about eye exam scheduling and what other optical services are available to non-members, keep on reading!

How Much Does It Cost To Get An Eye Exam At Sam’s Club?

Because independent optometrists work at Sam’s Club’s Optical Centers, the prices vary depending on where you live.

However, on average, an eye exam at Sam’s Club costs between $50 and $100. The prices vary depending on if the eye exam is a basic wellness eye exam or an eye exam for contact lenses.

To find out how much an eye exam will cost you, call your local Sam’s Club Optical Center for precise pricing information.

Do You Have To Be A Member To Get An Eye Exam At Sam’s Club?

For most of the services, Sam’s Club has conveniently located in their stores, you have to be a member to have access.

However, eye exams are different. You do not need to be a member to receive an eye exam or receive any other eye care services at Sam’s Club.

But, to purchase any eyewear accessories like frames or contact solutions, you must be a member.

According to the eye doctors that work at Sam’s Club, the cost of a membership outweighs the savings you will have access to on frames and lenses.

What Kinds Of Tests Does A Sam’s Club Eye Exam Include?

Going to an optometrist at Sam’s Club is the same as any other optical center regarding the kinds of eye tests they perform during the exam.

At a Sam’s Club eye exam, the doctor will perform a comprehensive eye exam, which checks for the following:

  • How well your eyes move together
  • Peripheral vision
  • Color blindness
  • Fluid pressure inside your eyes
  • Visual sharpness
  • Refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism)

After the eye exam is complete, your doctor will inform you if there are any changes in your prescription and recommendations on what glasses or contacts to buy.

How Do You Schedule An Eye Exam At Sam’s Club?

To make an appointment with an eye doctor at Sam’s Club, you must do so over the phone. To look up the contact information for your local Sam’s Club, use the store locator on the website.

After selecting your Club, find the Optical Center phone number, which you can find under the ‘Contacts’ heading.

Usually, the Optical Center at Sam’s Club has the same hours of availability as the rest of the store. So, you can get an eye exam and complete your shopping all on the same trip!

Can You Buy Glasses Online At Sam’s Club?

Can You Buy Glasses Online At Sam’s Club?

After you get an eye exam and have your current prescription, you may be wondering if you can purchase glasses online at Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club has a massive selection of frames available on their website that can be shipped directly to your front door or available for pickup in-store.

Additionally, for orders over $45, Sam’s Club will ship them to you for free.

Does Sam’s Club Take Insurance To Cover Eye Exams?

Sam’s Club does accept some insurance to cover eye exams. However, insurance coverage can vary between stores.

For a complete list of approved insurance plans at your Sam’s Club Optical Center, give your local warehouse retailer a call.

Is There A Warranty On Contact Lenses At Sam’s Club?

All eyecare products sold in-store or online at Sam’s Club are backed by their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, meaning you can receive a refund or replacement if the item doesn’t live up to expectations.

Sam’s Club will exchange unopened boxes of contact lenses that you bought beforehand if your prescription changes.

Sam’s Club will also replace any contact lenses or frames that are torn, damaged, or scratched within the manufacturers’ recommended time frame.

One item that Sam’s Club does not offer a refund for is an opened box of contact lenses for health and safety reasons.

Are The Eye Doctors At The Optical Centers Employed By Sam’s Club?

The doctors that work inside the Optical Centers at Sam’s Club are independent, meaning they are not Sam’s Club employees.

Doctors at Sam’s Club essentially view the company as a landlord and rent out the Optical Center, meaning they can set their prices as they see fit.

Because the doctors are independent, prices between different Sam’s Club Optical Centers can vary quite significantly.

Where Else Can You Get An Eye Exam?

In addition to Sam’s Club, several retail-based establishments have optical centers that perform eye exams and sell eyewear at an affordable price.

Some of the other locations that perform eye exams include:

  • Target
  • Costco
  • Walmart

Although you do not have to be a member to have an eye exam at Sam’s Club, you do in order to purchase frames or contact lenses.

At Walmart and Target, there are no membership fees. So, you can get your eye exam done and buy glasses all at the same location if you are not a member of Sam’s Club.

If you are looking to learn more, you can see our related posts on whether or not Costco Optical takes insurance, if Costco repairs glasses, and if Sam’s Club takes optical insurance.


Sam’s Club offers standard eye exams and other eye care services to both members and non-members at an affordable cost.

However, only members of Sam’s Club can purchase frames, contact lenses, and other eye care products at the store.

If you are not a member of Sam’s Club and want to get an eye exam done and buy frames at the same place, consider going to Walmart or Target.

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