Does Sam’s Club Take Coupons? (Try This Instead)

One part of Sam’s Club that attracts so many consumers is the company’s low prices for products sold in bulk. But people are always looking for more ways to save.

If you are a thrifty shopper, you may be curious about whether or not Sam’s Club offers coupons for their members to save even more money on products and services. Here is what I discovered!

Does Sam’s Club Take Coupons?

Sam’s Club does not accept any form of coupon, including manufacturer or competitor coupons. Instead, Sam’s Club provides an Instant Savings program that is automatically downloaded onto Membership cards and applies at the time of purchase. 

To learn more about the Sam’s Club Instant Savings program and how to use it, keep on reading!

Why Doesn’t Sam’s Club Accept Coupons?

Several other retailers allow their customers to use coupons to save a little money at the register. So, as a leader in the retail industry, you may be curious as to why Sam’s Club does not accept coupons.

Sam’s Club’s Instant Savings program gives its members access to additional savings on select products and services without the need to cut any coupons.

No coupon cutting cuts down on environmental waste while also saving you time!

The Instant Savings program is one reason Sam’s Club does not accept coupons. Another reason is that the store already offers such low prices that there is little room for additional customer savings.

Essentially, Sam’s Club is already offering their members the lowest price possible in order for them to make a profit still.

What Is Sam’s Club’s Instant Savings Program?

Instead of sending members coupons via mail or e-mail, Sam’s Club offers its members access to the Instant Savings program.

The Sam’s Club Instant Savings program offers additional discounts on certain products and services as a limited-time promotion.

The discounts are automatically loaded onto your Membership card electronically, so you do not have to worry about whether or not you are saving money.

At the checkout, an Instant Savings discount on an item is immediately applied at the point of sale, saving you time from cutting out and searching for coupons.

How Do You View Instant Savings Offers At Sam’s Club?

How Do You View Instant Savings Offers At Sam’s Club?

The products and services that are included in the Instant Savings program change throughout the year. However, the discounts are by no means a mystery to Sam’s Club members.

Sam’s Club provides a few different ways to do so to view what Instant Savings your local store is currently offering.


The e-mail address linked to your membership at Sam’s Club is set to receive alerts about Instant Savings offers and other reminders.

If you are not receiving Instant Savings e-mails, you must check your account settings on the Sam’s Club website or app.

Mobile App

The Sam’s Club mobile app is designed to be a convenient way for members to shop, check their account status, and check on exclusive offers

For Instant Savings offers to appear on your Sam’s Club app, make sure you have a ‘Home Club’ selected on your account.


Sam’s Club’s website also gives its members access to the Instant Savings offers. Click on the ‘Your Account’ dropdown menu and click on ‘Instant Savings.’

The ‘Instant Savings’ link takes you to all the current discounts available at Sam’s Club.

However, the deals may differ between stores, so make sure you have your local store saved to your account.


Sam’s Club has Instant Savings Books (ISB) available in-store for each of its members. Every 3 to 4 weeks, a different ISB becomes available.

Additionally, if you have any questions about Instant Savings, the Membership Desk at your local Sam’s Club has all the answers to your inquiries!

Do You Have To Be A Member At Sam’s Club To Receive Instant Savings?

To receive Instant Savings offers, you must be an active member at Sam’s Club. Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not allow non-members access to these discounts.

Also, Sam’s Club’s Instant Savings program is not available for company cards and Direct Memberships.

If you are wondering if your membership plan has access to Instant Savings, call your local Sam’s Club.

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Although Sam’s Club does not offer their members coupons in the traditional sense, the retail warehouse does provide an Instant Savings program.

Sam’s Club’s Instant Savings are automatically downloaded onto your membership card and apply at the point of sale.

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