Does Target Take Coupons? (Accepted Coupons, Self-Checkout + More)

Collecting coupons is the easiest way to save yourself a few extra dollars each week, and with online shopping soaring in popularity, it has become easier than ever to acquire quick discounts.

Target already offers excellent prices on general merchandise and groceries, so you may be wondering – does Target take coupons as well? Here is what I’ve found out!

Does Target Take Coupons?

Target accepts digital, manufacturer, printable, and internet coupons in-store and online. You can use them by scanning them at checkout or by entering the code online. Customers can apply 1 Target Circle discount with a manufacturer’s coupon per item, and households can use 4 identical coupons a day.

If you want to learn more about how to use a coupon at Target, which coupons are accepted by Target, and where to find coupons, keep on reading!

Which Coupons Can You Use At Target?

Here are all the coupons you can typically use at Target:

Internet (Print at Home) Coupons

Customers can apply valid printable coupons provided these contain scannable barcodes. However, Target does not accept internet coupons promising free items.

Buy One Get One Free Coupon (BOGO)

Target welcomes the use of BOGO coupons individually, providing you with one free item. You cannot combine BOGO coupons to get two free products unless stated otherwise.

Manufacturer Coupons

Customers can apply manufacturer coupons issued by product brands at Target stores and online as long as they meet the limitations and requirements.

The coupons may be presented on paper or via the internet as a discount code or printable sheet.

Category and Storewide Coupons

Limited to one per guest, category and storewide coupons can be used for any valid item. Note that only one storewide coupon can be used per transaction.

Returns Purchased with Coupons

If you purchase a product with a manufacturer’s coupon and later return it, Target will refund the discounted amount you paid onto a gift card that can be used at any Target store and online.

Does Target Circle Provide Coupons?

At Target, you can save extra dollars on your purchases when you sign up for Target Circle (formerly known as the Cartwheel program).

This is a free loyalty program that provides exclusive deals, discount benefits, and birthday coupons.

Customers can access Circle membership via desktop or the Target Circle app for Apple and Android smartphones and receive unique coupons for stores, online orders, and delivery deals.

Additionally, members will receive 1% cashback with every purchase or 5% if they are a Target RedCard user.

Note that Target Circle coupons can be redeemed both in-store and online.

Which Coupons Does Target Reject?

Cashiers will reject all coupons and Target Circle offers that have expired, and customers cannot apply coupons for mismatched items.

Coupons are also generally not applicable to products sold by Target Plus Partners online (Target’s Marketplace).

Additionally, Target does not accept manufacturer coupons with no matching requirements, such as the 992 family code or coupons requiring cashier intervention.

Other than that, copied, scanned, altered, transferred, purchased, sold, or lawfully prohibited (i.e., counterfeit) coupons are also not accepted at Target.

Note that employees reserve the right to deny or limit coupon usage at any time.

How Do You Use Coupons At Target Stores?

Before you visit the checkout counter at a Target store, organize your coupons to ensure a smooth checkout by double-checking the expiry date and terms and conditions of each coupon.

To make the process easier, you can use the Target app to load Target Circle offers to your account, similar to how Cartwheel discounts worked.

This way, the coupon will move to your digital wallet and you’ll be able to use it easily at the checkout by presenting the barcode generated in the app to the cashier.

However, if you are using paper or printed Target or manufacturer coupons, simply hand them over to the cashier who will scan each coupon.

Consider asking the cashier whether they’d prefer to add the coupons as you go or at the end.

Can You Use Coupons On Self-Checkouts At Target?

Can You Use Coupons On Self-Checkouts At Target?

You can use coupons at the self-checkouts at Target, just like you would at a normally manned register.

Simply scan the barcode of your digital or physical coupon, and the amount will be deducted from the total amount.

How Can You Apply Coupons Online At Target?

Once you’ve finished adding items to your cart, simply proceed to the checkout, click on discounts, and enter the coupon’s unique promotion code (for example, TGTXXXXX).

After that, select ‘redeem’ or ‘apply’, and your discount should appear in the summary box, with the total now shown after the discount amount is deducted from it.

Note that you’ll need to apply each code individually, and invalid or expired coupons will automatically notify you of their incompatibility with your transaction.

How Can You Add Coupons On The Target App?

To find and use coupons on the Target app, download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play and create a Target Circle account.

Once you’re a member, you’ll have access to ‘Circle offers’ which are digital coupons. If you see a coupon relevant to your shop, simply click on the plus sign next to each coupon and add it to your list.

Selected coupons will enter your Target wallet, and you may scan Target Circle manufacturer coupons from your mobile when in-store or apply the discount code online at

Can I Use A Coupon After Purchase At Target?

Target’s coupon policy states that coupons and Target Circle offers cannot be applied after a purchase. However, some stores honor missed coupons within 1-3 days of the original purchase.

If this is the case, consider contacting your local Target as they have been known to price-adjust coupons in some circumstances.

Does Target Price Match Coupons?

Target is committed to providing competitive prices on most of its merchandise and so customers can request a price match on manufacturer coupons in-store and online.

If you can provide sufficient evidence of the coupon you are matching and it meets the criteria, the cashier will approve your request.

Unfortunately, you cannot combine Target Circle offers, Target gift card offers, and Target coupons with price-matched items.

Additionally, most states disallow price matching of items that contain alcohol, even with a manufacturer’s coupon.

Where Can You Find Coupons To Use At Target?

There are plenty of discount websites such as, Groupon, and Business Insider that constantly upload promotion codes and coupons.

Alternatively, you can attach coupon catcher applications to Chrome search engines (Deal Finder by Voucher Codes, Honey for Chrome, and Coupert) that automatically identify active coupons.

What Is Target’s Coupon Policy?

Target is relatively lenient when it comes to coupons, here are some of the important aspects of its coupon policy:

  • You can apply a maximum of two coupons per item and combine one paper manufacturer coupon with one Target Circle offer (paper or digital) per individual item
  • Standard manufacturer coupons cannot be presented digitally in-store, i.e. you must have a printed copy, and each household is limited to 4 identical coupons per day unless the coupon states otherwise
  • Whether digital or on paper, all coupons and Target Circle offers must contain a clear and untampered barcode for cashiers to register the coupon
  • Customers can use product-specific coupons as long as the item matches in brand, size, quantity, color, and flavor

To learn more on how you can save at Target, be sure to see our posts on the Target Circle, Target Bullseye Playground, and the Target markdown schedule.


Target Circle, manufacturer, storewide, printable, and internet coupons are all accepted at Target stores and online. You can use the Target app to load discounts and scan coupons at the register or enter the unique discount code at the online checkout. Coupons must not be expired and meet all requirements and limitations. Target will only price-match manufacturer coupons.

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