Does Starbucks Have Free WiFi? (Password, Do You Need to Buy Something + FAQs)

Have you been trying to find somewhere to connect to free WiFi, and have considered Starbucks, but wonder: does Starbucks have free WiFi?

Well, I’ve been researching this topic and have found all of the answers you’re looking for, so keep reading to find out what I’ve discovered!

Does Starbucks Have Free WiFi In 2024?

Starbucks does have free WiFi in almost all of its store locations to serve patrons, and many locations have had a free WiFi network for over 10 years. However, some Starbucks locations do require you to enter a password to log in to the network, but those locations are mostly outside of the United States in 2024.

Do you want to know more about Starbucks and the free WiFi you can use while at one of the store locations, such as what the password is? If so, continue reading to learn all about it!

Do I Have to Buy Something to Use Starbucks WiFi?

You do not need to purchase anything to use the Starbucks WiFi, since Starbucks recently changed its policy to allow people to sit without making a purchase.

However, it’s a good idea if you plan on being there for a while to purchase a coffee or hot chocolate just to show your appreciation for the company letting you use the WiFi network.

How Do I Connect to Starbucks WiFi?

It’s easy to connect to Starbucks WiFi and get connected to the free network quickly by following the steps below:

  1. Go to your network connections on your device
  2. Find “Google Starbucks” WiFi
  3. Select “Google Starbucks” Wifi
  4. Open your web browser
  5. A Starbucks WiFi landing page will load
  6. Enter your information as requested
  7. Select “Accept & Continue”

Note that there are instances where the Starbucks WiFi page doesn’t pop up automatically, which means you’ll need to open up your browser and go to any website to initiate it.

Do I Need to Enter Information to Access Starbucks WiFi?

The first time you log in to the Starbucks WiFi, you’ll need to enter some information to access the system, including signing up for emails, which you can unsubscribe from any time.

Furthermore, if you go to Starbucks and use its WiFi on a different device days later, you’ll have to enter information to gain access.

Once the device is registered, you can use it at any Starbucks across the United States, and you won’t need to provide your information again.

Can I Sit Outside Starbucks and Get WiFi?

You can sit outside Starbucks and get WiFi, whether you’re sitting outside on the patio at certain locations or you’re sitting in the parking lot in your car getting your work done.

However, sometimes the signal may drop or be very weak, depending on the location, where you’re parked, and other factors.

Does Starbucks Have Free WiFi When Closed?

Does Starbucks Have Free WiFi When Closed?

According to employees and users of Starbucks WiFi, most often the WiFi is left open, even when the store is closed.

That being said, there are some locations where the WiFi automatically turns off when the store closes, so it depends on the location and what system the store is using.

Does Starbucks WiFi Have a Time Limit?

Starbucks updated its policy in recent years to allow for unlimited use of its WiFi network instead of the 2-hour limit that the company had imposed previously.

However, you can only sit inside of a Starbucks from the time it’s until it’s closed, and you’ll be asked to leave once it’s time for that location to shut down for the night.

Is Starbucks WiFi Safe?

Starbucks WiFi isn’t that safe, but it’s a public hotspot, so that’s to be expected since public WiFi networks are known to be a good place for hackers and scammers to steal information.

Also, you should always be cautious of what you do over a public WiFi network, and ensure you see the lock icon within the address bar which means that the site and data are encrypted.

What Internet Does Starbucks Use?

Starbucks uses Google internet and has been in a partnership with Google for several years to provide internet services to customers at all of its locations within the United States.

How Good Is Starbucks WiFi?

Starbucks WiFi has become much better since Starbucks switched and now uses Google’s WiFi services as opposed to the old AT&T networks.

Furthermore, SpeedSpot ran tests on Starbucks WiFi and found that the download speeds on average were 24.9Mbps, and you also get upload speeds of 8.7Mbps.

In contrast, Starbucks locations that were using the AT&T WiFi networks were only getting a download speed of around 1.3Mbps and had upload speeds of only 1.2Mbps.

If you need to connect to a public WiFi network, Starbucks should be at the top of your list because it’s one of the best restaurant-operated WiFi networks available!

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Starbucks does have free WiFi in all of its locations within the United States, although some locations outside of America might still require you to pay to use the network.

Additionally, you no longer need to purchase an item to use the Starbucks internet and can stay from the time the location opens until it closes since there are no time limitations.

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