Does Starbucks Hire Felons? (Must Read Before Applying)

Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee shops in America and everyone wants to apply to work there, but if you have a felony on your record, finding a job can be difficult.

You might be wondering- does Starbucks hire felons? If so, you must read below before applying to see whether or not Starbucks has a policy on hiring felons!

Does Starbucks Hire Felons In [currentyear]?

Starbucks does hire felons across the country in [currentyear]. The company uses an Adjudication Committee to consider those with felony convictions for jobs, although job location and position are factors in the determination. Furthermore, Starbucks took the Fair Chance Business Pledge and also supports Ban the Box to help prior criminals get back into the job market.

Do you want to know additional details about Starbucks and the hiring process involving felons, such as which felonies disqualify you? Well, read further to learn all about that and more!

Can You Get Hired at Starbucks with a Felony?

Starbucks has taken the Fair Chance Business Pledge, which means that the company supports giving everyone a fair chance that has been involved in the criminal justice system.

Furthermore, Starbucks supports Ban the Box initiatives and has been actively hiring people with criminal records, including both misdemeanors and felonies.

The company uses an Adjudication Committee to help determine which previous felons would be a good fit for the company based on their crimes, rehabilitation, and other factors.

Additionally, online current and former employees have boasted about getting a job at Starbucks even with felonies on their records.

Does Starbucks Do Background Checks?

Starbucks will conduct a background check if you’ve been offered a job as a condition of employment, and you must consent for the background check to be run.

In addition, the background check will go back up to 7 years for consideration of employment, per the Fair Credit Reporting Act regulations.

What Is the Background Check at Starbucks?

Starbucks will look at several things in the background check, such as whether you have felonies or misdemeanors on your record and how many you have in total.

Furthermore, the company will look at what the felony was and how long it’s been since you were charged and convicted of that offense.

Starbucks also has to look at whether the felony offense is related to the job you’ve applied for.

For example, if you have a felony theft on your record and you’re applying for a cash-handling position, this may disqualify you due to the nature of your conviction in relation to your position.

Starbucks does conduct background checks on employees after a conditional employment offer has been made.

Also, Starbucks looks to see if you responded honestly on your application when asked about felony convictions, so it’s important to be honest because lying will not get you the job.

How Long Does a Starbucks Background Check Take?

How Long Does a Starbucks Background Check Take?

Most of the time, Starbucks will complete the background check within a week, although factors could result in a longer wait time, such as the number of applicants and staff shortages.

Why Would Starbucks Reject a Felon?

There are quite a few reasons why Starbucks could reject a felon that applied for a job with the company, such as:

  • The mental state of the candidate, like if the felon has shown negative or aggressive behaviors during the interview, they likely will not be hired
  • The extent of the felony or felonies committed could result in Starbucks not wanting to take the chance on the candidate
  • The laws regulating the hiring of felons for certain jobs within the company, such as management
  • Preference for a felon-free candidate that has better job skills or qualifications

Does Starbucks Hire Someone with a Theft Charge?

It’s unlikely Starbucks will hire someone for a felony theft offense, although it depends on when the offense occurred, the specifics of the case, and what rehabilitation was completed.

Does Starbucks Hire Someone with a Drug Felony?

Starbucks could hire you if you have a felony drug offense on your record, but it would depend on how long ago the offense was, how bad the drug crime was, and whether you’re clean now.

Furthermore, it could also factor in whether you have completed rehabilitation and if you still attend meetings or do other activities to stay sober.

Starbucks is more likely to hire for drug offenses than it is for theft offenses, especially if the drug offense was relatively minor, such as for marijuana or possession.

Does Starbucks Hire Violent Felons?

Starbucks will most likely not hire someone with a felony that involves violence, especially if it’s robbery or aggravated robbery.

Additionally, anyone with a domestic violence charge, rape, sexual assault, or other violent offense will not be hired at Starbucks due to safety concerns for employees and customers.

However, if you were wrongfully accused of the offense and you can prove it, and the charges were dismissed, then you may have a chance at the job.

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Starbucks does hire felons and is an avid supporter of the Ban the Box movement, and looks at each felony on a case by case basis to determine whether the candidate is worth the risk.

Furthermore, Starbucks does complete a background check as a condition of employment and will look to see if you were honest on the application about your felony charges.

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