Does Subway Pay Weekly? (+ Other Common FAQs)

Subway has over 20,000 stores in the US alone, and those stores employ over 400,000 people. If you’re looking to start a career with Subway, you may be wondering whether or not it pays its staff weekly.

Well, I’ve done all the research for you and compiled all of my findings into this article. So keep reading if you want to find out if working for Subway could be the right fit for you!

Does Subway Pay Weekly In [currentyear]?

While it can depend on which store you work in and the area of the store, the vast majority of Subways pay on a biweekly basis as of [currentyear]. For example, Subway pays employees every two weeks, and this is usually on a Friday. Further, this Subway sends wages via direct deposit straight to your bank account.

If you want to know more about Subway, including pay rates and job roles available, then keep on reading!

What Hourly Wage Does Subway Pay?

If you got a job as a sandwich artist at Subway, you can expect to be paid $9 per hour on average.

While in a manager or assistant manager role, you should be getting paid approximately $11-$13 per hour.

What Kind Of Jobs Does Subway Offer?

At Subway, you’ll find a range of jobs offered.

These include the starter role of Sandwich Artist and multiple management roles, ranging from Shift Manager, Assistant Manager, and Store Manager even up to Multi-Unit Manager.

If you’re looking for a job at Subway, call up your local store to see what positions it has available, or even look online as that’s where it often advertises job openings.

How Are Subway Employees Paid?

While it can depend on which store you work in, the vast majority of Subways pay on a biweekly basis.

That’s to say, every two weeks and this is usually on a Friday. Additionally, Subway sends wages via direct deposit straight to your bank account.

Does Subway Offer Company Benefits?

Along with an hourly wage, Subway also offers its employees a range of other benefits like free food and employee discounts.

Free Food

If you enjoy eating at Subway, then a big benefit would be free food while on shift.

That said, a six-inch sub with a drink every shift could end up costing you a lot, but instead, you can enjoy that free of charge if you’re an employee.


Discount Subway

Most Subway stores offer a discount for the staff. However, these vary between franchises, as some are 50% off while most others are 10% off. 

As you can see, this can be great, especially if you’re a young person with limited disposable income.


Regarding tips, again, this is dependent on which franchise you work for.

However, the general consensus among staff, both past and present, is that the tips are shared equally between staff at intervals decided internally.

Does Subway Offer Overtime Hours?

For the most part, Subway will pay overtime to non-exempt employees who work more than 40 hours in a week, as long as the FLSA does not exclude them.

Also, you can follow this link to check your availability for overtime pay at Subway.

What Is The Minimum Age To Work At Subway?

To get an entry-level part-time job at Subway as a Sandwich Artist, sales associate, or crew member, you must be at least 16 years old in most states.

However, some states will allow you to work at 15 years old, providing you have a permit to do so.

Can You Advance In Management At Subway?

Most employees state that they struggled to advance through to a management role at Subway.

Though it depends on the management at the store in question, many ex-employees report that stores tend to advertise for management roles externally instead of internal promotions.

Is It Worth It To Work At Subway?

Subway can have some somewhat poor business practices, such as not offering long enough breaks for employees, even those on long shifts.

In addition, its employees report that the opportunity for career progression is lacking.

That said, this points towards Subway not being the best place to work, especially if you’re looking to become a manager by working your way up.

Further, Subway can be an excellent first job for high schoolers because there are part-time opportunities and flexible scheduling options.

At Subway, you can gain some valuable experience in a working environment.

Also, older people looking for extra income may find Subway to be a good job due to the flexibility of the schedule.

To learn more, you can also see our posts on what age does Subway hires, if it is easy to get a job at Subway, and Subway break policy.


Subway pays its employees on a bi-weekly basis, depending on the location of the store.

In addition to this, Subway has some great benefits like employee discounts and free food on your shift.

However, questionable management and rude customers are two things, among others, that could show a negative side to working at Subway.

Though it’s important to remember that not every Subway store is like this, so it’s a good idea to research your local store before applying.

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