Subway Break Policy (All You Need To Know)

As a healthy alternative to fast-food restaurants, Subway has proven popular among customers for its range of sandwiches, salads, and more. If you’re passionate about food, Subway can be a great company to work for, too!

Potential employees at Subway may be wondering about the break policy, when workers get breaks, and if breaks at Subway are paid. I’ve looked into it, and here’s what I’ve learned!

Subway Break Policy

As Subway is a franchise, the break policy is enforced on a state-by-state basis. Also, Subway allocates when workers can take breaks and lunches depending on the needs of its stores. Moreover, Subway pays for breaks, whereas lunches are unpaid. Workers may receive a free Subway sandwich during their shift, depending on the store.

For more information on the Subway break policy, including when Subway workers receive their breaks and lunches if Subway pays for breaks, and issues with the Subway break policy, keep reading!

Do Subway Workers Get Breaks?

According to current employees, Subway sandwich artists will often work between four to nine hours per shift.

Additionally, break policies at Subway will differ from franchise to franchise, depending on the store’s needs and the state laws about breaks.

On average, Subway workers receive a 15-minute paid break after working for four hours and two 15-minute paid breaks if they have worked for over eight hours.

When Do Subway Workers Get Breaks?

At Subway, the manager or supervisor in charge allocates breaks for the employees.

Further, it’s likely your breaks at Subway will be during less busy times, such as before or after the lunch rush.

While it’s likely the relevant authority at Subway will consider your requests and preferences for breaks, they have the final decision to permit employees to take breaks.

Does Subway Pay For Breaks?

Does Subway Pay For Breaks?

According to federal law in the United States, breaks lasting less than 20 minutes must be paid by the employer. Therefore, if you’re given a 15-minute break at Subway, it will be paid.

Also, the duration of your break at Subway may differ depending on the location of the store.

However, some employees report that breaks are unpaid, which may be due to a difference in break duration.

How Long Are Employee Breaks at Subway?

As with other companies, Subway gives 15-minute breaks for every four hours worked and another 15-minute break if the employee has worked over eight hours.

That said, Subway will distribute breaks based on the individual needs of the store and following given state guidelines.

However, Subway has previously come under scrutiny online by employees claiming they are not given regular breaks.

For example, there was a petition by Kiana Ethier to reform the Subway break policy, stating Subway employees only got one five-minute break per day to eat, recharge, and use the restroom.

So, ensure you research the federal laws in your state to ensure you are treated fairly while working at Subway.

Do You Get Lunch Breaks at Subway?

As with other employers, Subway gives 30-minute lunch breaks after six hours of work and is unpaid.

During your Subway lunch break, online workers have reported being allowed to leave the premises.

Within the United States, there are only 20 states that require meal breaks, including California, North Dakota, Connecticut, and Delaware.

Again, ensure you check the laws in your state to ensure you’re being treated correctly at Subway and receiving your entitled breaks.

Do You Get Free Subway Food If You Work There?

Many Subway workers online have stated that they have received free Subway food during their shifts.

Because each Subway store is a franchise, there may be different policies about the free food policy.

For example, some Subway stores give different-sized meals depending on the hours worked there for free.

On the other hand, some may charge using an employee discount, or some may deduct it from your wage.

On average, workers will receive a free six-inch submarine sandwich of their choice while working, as well as free fountain drinks.

Additionally, some workers have stated they can have a meal deal while working, including a cookie or bag of chips at Subway.

If you work an eight-hour shift at Subway, some employees say you will receive a free footlong sandwich.

Essentially, it’s best to check with your local Subway regarding the free food policy to avoid issues.

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