What Age Does Subway Hire? (13, 14, 15, 16, 17 + Other FAQs)

If you’re a parent of a teenager or a teen looking for work, you might be curious whether Subway is a good place for kids under the age of 18 to work and whether or not Subway has an age requirement.

So, at what age is someone eligible to work at Subway? If you’d like to find out, continue reading this article to learn what I found out about the Subway age requirement!

What Age Does Subway Hire?

The youngest age that Subway will hire is fifteen; however, in most states, Subway will only hire sixteen years and older. Subway does not hire anyone younger than fifteen, and similar to most places of employment, minors have restrictions regarding how many hours they can work, as well as other strict guidelines.

For more information about Subway’s policies on hiring teenagers, what teenagers are allowed to do at Subway, and other related questions, keep reading to find out more facts and tips!

What Can a Fifteen-Year-Old Do at Subway? 

Although sixteen is normally the minimum age that Subway hires, Subway may hire fifteen-year-olds in certain areas, depending on local child labor laws.

Fifteen-year-olds can typically work at Subway as Sandwich artists, which is the job title for workers who put the subs together for customers.

However, there may be restrictions regarding other tasks for 15-year-olds, such as handling hot food items, cleaning out the ovens, etc.

To find out if Subway hires at fifteen in your area, you can do so by checking with your local Subway or by visiting or phoning the store.

What Is the Youngest Age Subway Hires?

As noted earlier, Subway will not hire teenagers any younger than fifteen. Most often, though, sixteen is generally the youngest age Subway will accept applications.

Therefore, if you are not certain what the minimum work age at your Subway might be, you can find out by phoning or visiting your local shop.

What Can Teenagers Do at Subway?

Generally speaking, teenagers can do almost all of the typical tasks at Subway with proper supervision.

Some of the tasks open to teens include being sandwich artists and prepping vegetables and other food items.

In addition, teens can expect to work in the kitchen area cleaning up dishes, sweeping floors, performing cleaning tasks in the dining area, restocking cups, and the impulse items stand (chips, sodas, etc.).

What Is the Age Requirement for Being a Manager at Subway?

What is the Age Requirement for Being a Manager at Subway?

To be considered for the position of manager at Subway, you must be at least eighteen years old. If you’re younger than eighteen, chances are you will not be hired for a managerial job.

Managers are tasked with overseeing and directing staff with assigned tasks at Subway. They also make hiring and firing decisions, oversee cleanliness and food preparation, and may also handle the cash out for tills at the end of the night.

Therefore, it’s likely that Subway is not allowed to hire managers under the age of eighteen, as they have to oversee tasks that minors may not legally be allowed to perform or that the company doesn’t consider reliable enough to be trusted. 

Is Subway a Good Job For Teens?

For older teens who are looking for work experience, Subway could be a great fit. The work at Subway is relatively simple and can be a good introduction to the job force for young people.

Subway offers many teens the opportunity to earn money, gain food preparation knowledge, and cultivate customer service skills.

Also, crew members at Subway get some free meals which is always a plus for teenagers who are looking to save money!

All in all, Subway is potentially one of the best food service places for teens to work. In fact, the founder of Subway began working there at age 17, meaning Subway has a long history of teen employment.

Is It Hard To Get a Job at Subway as a Teen?

Generally speaking, teenagers should not find it too difficult to find a job at a Subway as long as they are old enough and meet other minimum qualifications.

Teens who exhibit a good attitude and good manners in a job interview will most likely have better success. Of course, the decision to hire a teenager is up to the manager and other supervisory staff.

How Many Hours a Week Can Teens Work at Subway?

In the US, child labor laws restrict how many hours teens under the age of 16 can work. These same laws limit the specific tasks that minors can perform on the job.

For teenagers aged 15 and younger, the limits include not working during school hours and other very specific guidelines. Since Subway mainly employs teens above the age of 16, most of these rules won’t apply.

As with many places of employment, the actual amount of assigned hours will vary depending on the staff available and other factors. Most of the time, Subway tends to offer flexible schedules for teens due to school and family obligations.

What is a Similar Job to Subway for Fourteen-Year-Olds?

While Subway is unable to hire teens below the age of fifteen, fourteen-year-olds and younger can check a number of other fast-food restaurants that will accept their applications.

Some of the fast-food places that might hire a fourteen-year-old include Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, and McDonald’s.

If you are a mature fourteen-year-old with a good work ethic, you might find a job at one of the above-mentioned restaurants and can also check other jobs such as bookstores or retail shops.

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