Does Target Drug Test? (All You Need To Know)

Target operates a drug-free workplace to keep staff and customers safe. This means that no alcohol, drugs, or tobacco are permitted on-site at Target by workers.

But does Target drug test their employees and those who want to work there? I’ve done the research, and here is what I have learned.

Does Target Drug Test?

Target’s policy of a drug-free workplace means certain roles have mandatory drug testing that you must take and pass within 24 hours to meet the job requirements. Target’s drug testing is managed off-site by the company Accurate Background.

For more information about Target drug tests, such as how to take one, what they test for, and how they test, keep reading!

When Do Target Drug Test?

Target has three main reasons that they will drug test employees:


The first one is usually pre-employment, meaning as a condition of your job offer, which you must pass to be hired.

This is not done for all Target employees and is typically only done for those who operate machinery or are applying to roles such as Managers or Team Leaders.

After An Accident

If there has been an incident at Target where an employee has caused significant damage or requires medical attention, they may be asked to undertake a drug test.

This is so Target can keep employees safe and ensure the incident will not be repeated.

Reasonable Cause

A drug test may also be performed if Target has reason to believe that an employee could be using, distributing, or under the influence of prohibited drugs while at work.

Employees cannot be selected at random to complete a drug test at Target.

Instead, Target must have reason to suspect the employee, such as strange or erratic behavior, accidents or incidents, or even witnessing drug use.

What Type Of Drugs Do Target Test For?

In their drug tests, Target is looking to identify if workers have used any of the following drugs recently: heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and synthetic drugs.

Marijuana use is legalized in some states for medical and recreational use, meaning Target will be able to advise what to do if you are a user.

Do Target Random Drug Test Their Employees?

Do Target Random Drug Test Their Employees?

Target reserves the right to conduct drug tests on employees to maintain their drug-free work environment.

Because of this, Target is allowed to inspect packages and containers believed to be used to contain or distribute drugs.

Additionally, random drug tests may be more common for those operating machinery or vehicles.

Workers at Target who want to work in asset protection or management may also be subjected to a drug test.

Usually, cashiers, retail staff, and seasonal workers do not have to take a drug test unless Target has reasonable cause to suspect them.

What Type Of Drug Test Does Target Do?

Target conducts a variety of drug tests on employees. These tests are conducted in facilities close to Target stores managed by a third-party company, Accurate Background.

Target is able to conduct blood, urine, and breath tests if they suspect the use of drugs. Additionally, Target can use hair testing, which is often seen as a more reliable method as it has a longer detection span.

The Target Drug Testing Process

Target drug test centers will be located close to the Target store you work at or are applying to work at.

You will be told during your interview if the role you have applied for involves a mandatory drug test. Typically, roles working with machinery or vehicles at Target will require a drug test.

Additionally, you must take your Target drug test within 24 hours of accepting your job offer from Target, or after being requested by Target to take a drug test.

If you accept to take the test, you will be told the necessary steps to do this by Target and will require a government-issued ID to confirm your identity at the test center.

What Happens If You Fail A Drug Test At Target?

If you fail a drug test, it is likely you will be reprimanded by your Target manager and may face consequences such as suspension and job loss.

Target is not allowed to disclose the outcome of your drug test to anyone else, as it is confidential medical information.

Can You Still Be Hired At Target If You Fail A Drug Test?

If a drug test is a condition of your job offer, then failing it or failing to complete the drug test within the allocated time (24 hours) will mean your offer of employment will be withdrawn.

Target requires motivated and reliable workers and a positive drug test can indicate you may not be right for the role.

If you are a Target employee, you might also be interested in reading up on the Target dress code, the Target break policy, the Target bereavement policy, and some Target statistics.


Target drug test for new employees, employees who have been involved in accidents, or employees who Target suspects may be under the influence of drugs. These tests occur off-site from Target stores in facilities managed by Accurate Background.

Failing a Target drug test can have serious consequences for your employment, and it is within Target’s rights to implement random drug testing if they suspect any employee of misconduct.

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