Target Break Policy (All You Need to Know)

Working can be tiring, which is why Target implements a strict break policy in accordance with working laws to give employees the rest they need.

Employees of all ages and job descriptions are entitled to breaks at Target after working for a certain number of hours.

But what is Target’s break policy, and how much time to rest are employees entitled to? I’ve looked into it, and here is what I have discovered about Target’s break policy!

What is Target’s Break Policy? 

Target’s break policy states that team members are entitled to 1 paid 15-minute break if they have worked over 4 hours. For shifts longer than 6 hours, Target employees can receive one paid 15-minute break and one unpaid 30-minute lunch. For shifts over 8 hours, there are 2 paid 15-minute breaks and 1 unpaid 30-minute break.

To learn more about what Target workers can do on their breaks if they are required to take breaks, and what the policy is for workers at Target under 18, then find out below!

Do I Get Paid Breaks At Target?

Yes, any 15-minute break you receive at Target you will be paid for. You usually receive 15-minute breaks at Target if you work for 4 hours or more, and will receive 2 paid 15-minute breaks if you work more than 8 hours.

If you are required to take a lunch break at Target, these will last 30 minutes, and unfortunately, you will not be paid.

Additionally, you are entitled to a 30-minute lunch break after working for more than 6 hours at Target.

How Long Do I Get For A Lunch Break At Target?

Lunch breaks for Target employees are 30 minutes, regardless of how long you have worked. You are entitled to a 30-minute lunch break at Target if you have worked more than 6 hours in one shift.

You must take your lunch break at Target before you have worked for a full 5 hours.

Otherwise, Target will make you sign a waiver stating you are happy to work over 5 hours before you take your lunch break.

You are also allowed to leave the Target premises to take your lunch, as long as you are back before you are set to start work again.

Can You Shop On Your Break At Target?

Yes, Target allows workers to shop before and after their shifts, on their breaks, and on their lunch breaks. This means if you want to pick something tasty up from Target for lunch, you can!

Target allows employees to shop as long as it means they do not gain an advantage over guests for the items they want.

Employees are only allowed to buy merchandise that is on the shop floor, and they are not allowed to ring up their own transactions at Target. This is part of Target’s loss prevention program.

What Is Target’s Break Policy For Employees Under 18?

What Is Target’s Break Policy For Employees Under 18?

Target employees under 18 are required to take a 30-minute lunch break after working for 5 hours, rather than 6.

This is to ensure they are not being overworked and are well-rested at Target.

Do I Need To Take My Break At Target?

Yes, you must take your designated breaks at Target. It is a legal requirement for you to take your breaks at Target to avoid the company breaking working laws that are set to protect employees.

If you do not take your break while working your shift at Target, you will face consequences as it is a legal requirement.

How Much Rest Should I Get Between Target Shifts?

You should get an 11-hour rest break between two shifts at Target.

This means that if you finish one shift at Target at 9 pm, you are not allowed to begin your next shift at Target until 8 am the following day.

How Many Breaks Do I Get During The Week At Target?

In a 7-day working period at Target, you are entitled to a break of 24 hours within this period, meaning one full day off.

Similarly, in a 14-day working period at Target, you are allowed to take 48 hours off. The 48 hours off can be in a row or separated depending on what Target needs you to work.

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Target’s break policy is designed to keep employees happy and healthy while they are working at the retailer. 15-minute breaks and 30-minute lunch breaks are legal requirements Target requires you to take so you do not break any mandatory working laws.

Target employees are also allowed to go off-site for their 30-minute lunch breaks and are entitled to shop at Target while on their break and lunch if they so wish.

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