Target Dress Code (Jeans, Hoodies, Tattoos, Red Shirt + More)

Target, one of the leading retail chains in the U.S., is popular for how it designs the aesthetic of its stores around its core colors, including the dress code of its staff.

So if you’re looking to apply for a job at Target or you’ve just gotten employed, you may be wondering – what is the dress code for Target employees? Here is what I’ve found out!

Target Dress Code

Target’s dress code consists of a red shirt with khaki pants or skirts. Employees can wear any type of red shirt (polo, sweater, hoodie), and some stores also allow employees to wear jeans. Target encourages employees to be expressive and permits unique fashion choices like piercings.

If you want to learn more about the best outfit choice for a Target job interview, whether you can wear jeans and hoodies to work, and other guidelines, keep on reading!

What Should I Wear For A Job Interview At Target?

For any job interview, it is best to wear smart clothes to present yourself as a professional. Therefore, you should wear smart casual outfits to your Target job interview.

To show your dedication and that you’ve done your homework, you can also consider wearing a red shirt to your Target job interview to reflect the outfits that Target staff wear.

What Should I Wear To My First Day At Target?

You will be given the uniform guidelines for your Target job in the work contract you receive after you get employment at Target.

The uniform policy usually includes an all-red shirt and khaki pants, although some Target stores do now allow their staff to wear jeans to work.

If you are not sure what to wear on your first day at Target, we recommend contacting a fellow staff member or your supervisor to ask, just in case there are any specific guidelines for your Target store.

Can I Wear Any Red Shirt To Work At Target?

Target allows its staff to wear any type of red shirt to Target as long as it is work-appropriate in terms of movement and modesty.

The main requirement within this policy is that the shirt must be fully red, with no logos or designs, i.e. you can wear fully red polo shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and t-shirts if these meet the above criteria.

Will I Get A Uniform From Target?

You will not get a uniform at Target since the company does not have an official uniform for its employees. The only requirement is that you have to wear a fully red top and khaki pants.

As for the khaki pants, Target Corporate has recently introduced an allowance for Target staff to wear jeans to work, so you can check with your supervisor if that is allowed at your store.

Can I Wear Jeans To Work At Target?

According to Corporate Target, Target does now allow staff to wear jeans to work along with their set of khaki-colored pants.

However, it is not clear whether this policy applies to every Target store or not, so we recommend checking with your fellow staff members or Target supervisors first before you wear jeans to work.

Can I Wear Hoodies To Work At Target?

You can wear hoodies to work at Target as long as these are colored fully red with no designs or logos.

We recommend wearing a hoodie during the winter seasons to avoid discomfort in warmer weather due to overheating.

Note that individual Target store managers may encourage staff to not wear hoodies but according to online Target policy, wearing red hoodies is allowed.

Do Target Employees Have To Tuck In Their Shirts?

Do Target Employees Have To Tuck In Their Shirts?

Target, like any family-friendly business, encourages its employees to dress in a presentable style but it is not too strict with the dress code.

So as long as the staff looks professional and helpful, Target does not mind if they do not tuck their shirts in.

Can I Wear Black Jeans At Target?

This will differ from store to store, but generally, Target does allow its staff to wear black jeans to work.

According to the Target employee handbook, Target allows staff to wear any solid color of pants, as long as they do not have any designs or intentional rips on them.

Can I Wear Crocs To Work At Target?

You may or may not be allowed to wear Crocs to work at Target, depending on the type of Crocs you wish to wear.

The general shoe policy at Target is no open toes or open heels due to safety issues. So if your Crocs don’t have open toes or open heels, you can wear these to work according to Target’s official policy.

What Shoes Should I Wear To Work At Target?

At Target, you cannot wear heels, sandals, or flip-flops to work as there is a no open-toe or open-heel policy. Target employees tend to wear either boots or sneakers whilst working.

Can Target Employees Wear Nail Polish?

Target employees are allowed to wear any type of nail polish to work, including gel, acrylic, and powder-based nail polish, as long as they are not directly handling food items.

In the case of acrylic nails, these can be a problem when handling boxes and checkout registers, so make sure you can handle these alongside your work.

Does Target Allow Colored Hair?

Target allows its staff to have dyed and colored hair, whether it’s a single shade or multi-colored.

In fact, Target encourages staff with the motto “Be You” and accepts the different fashion choices of its employees, as long as these do not interfere with their work.

Can I Wear Earrings At Target?

You can wear earrings whilst working at Target, as long as these do not pose a health or safety hazard.

Target’s guidelines allow employees to wear any jewelry such as lockets, rings, and much more if it isn’t dangerous to health or safety.

Does Target Allow Staff To Have Tattoos?

Employees at Target are allowed to have visible tattoos. You will notice that many Target staff happily have their tattoos on show whilst working since Target encourages them to be comfortable in their skin.

Does Target Allow Staff To Have Beards?

Target allows its staff to have beards, however, if you are working near food items (such as in the cafe or deli), you will be required to wear a hairnet for hygiene reasons.

Does Target Allow Staff To Have Piercings?

Target employees are encouraged to express their own individual identity, so you can definitely have any kind of piercings while at work, including earrings, nose rings, and many more.

If you are looking to gain employment at Target, you may want to become familiar with the Target break policy, if Target drug tests, the Target employee discount, how to quit Target, and the Target bereavement leave policy.


Target is quite relaxed when it comes to its dress code policy and simply requires staff to wear an all-red shirt and khaki pants.

Additionally, some Target stores let their staff wear jeans all the time, whereas other stores only let their staff wear jeans on their weekend shifts.

In terms of tattoos, hair dyes, and piercings, Target is open to letting its staff express themselves and only asks for staff to be friendly and helpful to its customers.

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