Does Target Hire Felons? (All You Need To Know)

After being convicted as a felon, finding a job that wants to hire you and trusts you is usually very difficult. Most workplaces see convicted felons as never trustworthy again, even if they have served their time and gotten out of jail.

Therefore, if you are a convicted felon, or have a friend or family member that is, you might be wondering if Target hires felons. I’ve done some research on Target’s hiring policies and this is what I have discovered!

Does Target Hire Felons In 2024?

As long as a person’s criminal history does not pose a risk to Target’s customers, team members, or property, Target is willing to hire a convicted felon as of 2024. Target’s hiring policies have recently changed, meaning it’s an equal opportunity employer. Therefore, Target will not request a background check until the end of the hiring process. 

Continue reading if you want to learn more about what will keep you from working at Target, Target’s background check and drug tests, and more!

What Disqualifies You From Working At Target?

Fortunately, there is only one thing that will disqualify you from working at Target before you even have an interview.

Moreover, the disqualifying reason is if you are a felon or have a past record and your “criminal histories could pose a risk to our guests, team members or property,”.

Additionally, Target wants to maintain its “safe and secure working and shopping environment for team members and guests.”

Therefore, if Target has reason to believe you are unsafe or will disrupt the environment in the store, the hiring manager will not hire you.

Also, if Target finds you a risk after your background check, Target will offer you the “opportunity to explain you’re criminal history and provide information about the circumstances.”

Moreover, after you provide Target with this information, the manager’s decision to see you as a risk could change again, and you may still receive the job.

Is Target Strict On Background Checks?

Target does require a background check to be completed to be able to be hired and work for the company.

However, this does not mean you will automatically be turned away if you have a criminal history.

Furthermore, Target will look at your application and conduct your interview, and you will be able to accept your “conditional job offer” before Target even requests a background check.

Moreover, Target has recently, as of 2018, changed its hiring policies to “ensure individuals are considered for employment based on their qualifications, interview, and availability.”

In addition, Target has removed the criminal history questions from its applications across the nation.

On top of that, Target decided to change its hiring policies because of claims that stated that Target’s hiring approach was unintentionally disqualifying some people from working with Target.

That said, the complaints said these people were being unintentionally disqualified because of convictions on their background checks that had nothing to do with the position they applied for.

Therefore, Target changed its policies to consider a person’s background and criminal convictions after reviewing them and talking to them.

That way, if they are a good candidate for the job, Target’s hiring people are less biased to not hire them just because of their record.

Finally, Target’s background checks are done by Accurate Background, and you can contact the company at 855-581-0580.

Does Target Drug Test Its Employees?

Does Target Drug Test Its Employees?

Target does drug screens for specific job positions, but not for all positions.

Furthermore, if the position you have applied for requires a drug test, Target will let you know about it when the hiring manager offers you the job.

Moreover, Target requires that the drug test be done within 24 hours of accepting your conditional job offer.

Unfortunately, if the drug test is not completed within 24 hours of accepting the job, Target can and may withdraw your conditional job offer.

Finally, as stated previously, Target will provide you with details and your next steps, such as where to go or who to contact for the drug test, when the manager offers you the job.

What Is Target’s Hiring Process?

Target’s hiring process begins with your application.

That said, Target will review your application, and if the manager thinks you could be a good fit for the job, they will contact you for an interview.

Furthermore, after your interview with Target, Target will offer you a “conditional job offer” if Target decides to offer you the job.

After you accept the conditional job offer, Target will request a background check for you through Accurate Background.

Additionally, depending on the job position you applied for and accepted, Target may need a drug test, which will be done through the same company as the background check.

With that, to find and fill out an application for Target, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Target Careers
  2. Search and find the job you want to apply for, click on it, and then click “apply now”
  3. Click “Apply”
  4. Fill out all the requested information and include any needed documents
  5. When you are finished with the application, review the application and the information and submit it

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Thankfully, a convicted felon or someone with a criminal background can still get a job at Target.

Moreover, the only reason Target will not hire someone with a criminal background is if they pose a risk to Target’s customers, employees, or property.

Furthermore, a background check and possibly a drug test are required to receive a job from Target if needed for that position.

However, these will not be completed until after your application, interview, and have been offered and accepted the conditional job.

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