Does Target Optical Take VSP, Eyemed & Other Insurances Plans? (Full Guide)

Target is known for selling a wide range of loved products as well as offering many services and optical products from lenses, glasses, and frames.

Since Target optical allows customers to apply insurance perks from a wide variety of insurances, which insurers count? We’ll tell you whether Target takes VSP, Eyemed, and other insurances!

Does Target Optical Take VSP, Eyemed, & Other Insurances?

Target Optical does accept VSP, Eyemed, Geha, Humana, Aetna, and many more insurance plans in-store and online. Target customers can use optical insurance plans to save money on eye exams, frames, contact lenses, glasses lenses, and other prescription glasses.

If you’d like to find out the names of popular insurance plans accepted at Target and how to apply benefits in-store and online, read on!

Can You Use VSP At Target Optical?

Yes, you can use VSP vision care at Target Optical. However, you’ll need to undergo a slightly different process applying for benefits than other insurance as VSP is considered an out-of-network insurance plan.

Customers will need to call 1-877-848-8476 to allow customer services to process their orders.

VSP users can call member services to check whether they have out-of-network benefits ready for use. You will also typically have 12 months from purchase to submit a claim.

Does Target Optical Take Eyemed?

Yes, Target Optical accepts Eyemed insurance benefits in-store and online. Members are granted savings of 40% on an additional pair of prescription glasses or 20% on non-prescription sunglasses.

Additionally, you’ll need to check your membership account for any limitations and exclusions following your plan.

Target Optical is included in EyeMed’s inner network providing customers with free shipping and returns. Also, Target opticians will take care of all the paperwork surrounding a claim.

Customers should also note that Flexible Spending Account (FSA) funds are applicable at Target Optical after EyeMed benefits.

Use the FSA money to pay for an eye exam, prescription glasses, contact lenses, and solutions.

What Kind Of Insurance Does Target Optical Take?

Since Target constantly offers ways for customers to save money, you may not be surprised to learn that it accepts benefits from over 50 vision insurance companies.

Target can apply for in-network benefits from companies including:

  • Humana
  • Aetna
  • Blue View Vision
  • Ameritas
  • Emblem Health
  • Geha
  • Delta Dental (Arizona, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Puerto Rico

How To Use Insurance Benefits At Target Optical?

How To Use Insurance Benefits At Target Optical?

Customers can check which benefits they are entitled to by viewing their vision insurance plan.

According to Target’s Optical website, store associates will save you the hassle of filling out a claim form in-store and online.

Alternatively, you can follow three quick and easy steps to redeem benefits from your insurance when shopping online.

First, check your eligibility by clicking on the ‘Find your benefits’ button online.

The form will request basic personal information such as your full name, date of birth, and ZIP code. If your plan is identified, you’ll see your available benefits for contacts, frames, lenses, and eye exams.

Next, explore Target’s catalog of online accepted insurance plans to see what you can claim. Finally, it’s time to shop! Since Target handles paperwork, you just have to pay the out-of-pocket price.

Which Insurances Are Only Accepted At Target Optical Stores?

Before you jump online to claim benefits from Target Optical’s eCommerce site, it’s essential to know which insurance plans are only accepted in-store. These include:

  • Advantica
  • Always Vision
  • Avesis
  • Community Eye
  • Envolve
  • Heritage Vision Plans
  • National Vision Administrators (NVA)
  • Superior Vision
  • United Health Care
  • UPMC
  • Vision Benefits of America (VBA)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP Vision

Contact your local Target Optical location if you cannot see the name of your visual insurer to make sure.

How Much Is An Eye Test At Target Optical?

At Target’s vision center, you can expect to pay anywhere between $60-$100 for an eye exam that determines whether you need glasses.

On average, most stores charged $81 for the test. Customers with vision insurance can often reduce this cost significantly; however, you should check your plan for eligibility.

Does Target Offer Vision Insurance?

No Target does not offer a direct vision insurance program for customers; it only accepts plans from third-party companies.

Despite this, Target does offer free vision care as a benefit to all full-time employees. Team members will initially gain basic coverage; however, those that require more advanced eye care can opt in for more coverage.

To learn more, you can also see our posts on Target’s optical return policy, if you can donate eyeglasses to Target, and if Target has a senior discount.


Target Optical accepts VSP out of network insurance when you contact customer services.

EyeMed, Humana, Aetna, Blue View Vision, and over 50 other insurance plans are also accepted at Target Optical, and all claim-related paperwork is taken care of.

Apply benefits to reduce the cost of eye exams, frames, lenses, contact lenses, additional prescription glasses, and non-prescription sunglasses, depending on your plan.

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