Does Target Price Match Gamestop? (Full Guide)

Target has differentiated itself from its competitors by offering its customers a flexible price match guarantee for items sold elsewhere at lower prices.

So what if you come across an item at Gamestop that has a lower price compared to the same item at Target? You may be wondering – does Target price match Gamestop? Here is what I’ve found out!

Does Target Price Match Gamestop?

Target does price match Gamestop for items such as video games and consoles that are identical, in stock, and not sold as part of any discount deals. Customers can get a price match from Gamestop by bringing proof of a lower price to a nearby Target store.

If you want to learn more about Target’s price match policy, which items are not eligible for a price match by Target, and what other stores Target will price match, keep on reading!

What Is Target’s Price Match Policy?

Target has strict rules regarding its price match policy which states that items that have a lower price must be found within 14 days of purchase, and must be from an eligible competitor or from (if buying in-store).

Additionally, the item must be identical to the item which you purchased and have the same brand name, weight, color, quantity, and model number.

Because of this, only an item that meets these criteria will be eligible for a price match.

What Items Can’t Be Price Matched At Target?

You cannot price match with an item at Gamestop that has an expired deal, and the lower price you’re attempting to match must not be the result of a promo code or a lightning deal.

Moreover, Target Circle offers, Target gift card offers or Target coupons cannot be used for price matches.

Other Items unavailable for price matching include:

  • Pre-owned goods
  • Refurbished items
  • Open-package items
  • Items found in clearance
  • Close-out or liquidation sales
  • Items that have typographical errors on their pricing
  • Game reservations
  • Items with prices that only display on a website when guests log in
  • Contract mobile phone devices (and their associated plans)

Additionally, price matches and adjustments will not be allowed for items sold from Thanksgiving day through the entire week after Thanksgiving.

How Do You Price Match At Target If You Founder a Cheaper Price At Game Stop?

How Do You Price Match At Target?

If you purchase a qualifying item at Target and find it for a lower price at Gamestop, Target will price match your item within 14 days of purchase.

These items could include video games, consoles such as Xbox, Playstation, Wii, and Nintendo Switch, and other gaming accessories.

Note that this item must be in stock at the time and must be identical in color, brand name, size, weight, quantity, and model number.

If your product meets these criteria, you can bring proof of the lower price to Guest Services at your local Target store to begin the process.

This proof could be a weekly ad from Gamestop (you must bring the entire printed advertisement) or a printout of the Gamestop web page which shows the item and price.

You could also use your phone to directly show the web page with the online price displayed.

After you have shown the proof, the Target employee at Guest Services will verify the price and check to see if the item is in stock at the competitor’s store, then make the adjustment.

Other than that, you can also price match if you’ve ordered from for pick-up service and meanwhile find out the same item for a lower price at Gamestop.

When you visit a store to pick up your order, simply ask for a price match on the specific item following the instructions above to save time and avoid coming back at a later date for a price match.

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Target will price match Gamestop if the item is in stock and is identical to what Target sells, as the store is in Target’s list of competitors.

Simply bring the item to Guest Services at your local Target store along with proof of lower price via a print-out of a weekly advert or the web page of the lower price on the store website, or by showing the web page on your mobile device.

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