Does Target Price Match Their Website? (Full Guide)

Price matching is one of Target’s most effective marketing tools to sustain customer loyalty and strengthen its brand.

Target adjusts its in-store prices based on local economic conditions, causing online prices to sometimes be different from in-store ones. So you may be wondering – does Target’s price match its website? Here is everything I’ve found out!

Does Target Price Match Their Website?

Target stores will price-match identical items on Customers will need to prove the comparable price on a mobile or official printout within 14 days of purchase. Additionally, customers cannot apply Target Circle offers to a price match, or get a match for on-sale products (except on Black Friday).

If you want to know more about the items that are exempt from Target’s online price match policy, whether you can price match items sold by Target Plus Partners, and much more, keep on reading!

What Do I Need To Price Match Target’s Website?

Before heading to complete a price match at a Target checkout lane or Guest Services counter, you will need proof of the comparable store price and online price.

Printed or digital ads that fully display the product’s details and price are accepted. You may also present prices from your mobile device.

However, cashiers will not accept photos, screenshots, or photocopies as valid proof of a lower price.

Additionally, you must make sure that the products you are attempting to price match are identical in the model, brand, size, color, and quantity.

The item does not need to be in stock at to achieve a price match. You will receive your new price once the request is verified by a store employee.

Can I Price Match Online Sale Items At Target?

You cannot price-match merchandise that has gone into a clearance, closeout, or liquidation sale, or price-match online offers or coupons that deduct a percentage or dollar amount from the original price.

Additionally, promotional codes, coupons, and multi-buy deals such as buy one get one free or paying the total price to reduce another cost are not eligible for price match requests.

Despite this, Target is known to open up price matching on Black Friday and waives the 14-day limit on this occasion.

So any product purchased from 1st November until the 28th of November will be eligible for a price match if the price goes down any time on or before 24th December.

Which Items Are Exempt From A Online Price Match At Target?

Which Items Are Exempt From A Price Match At Target?

Target will not authorize a price match request when a typographical error is involved. Also, the approval of alcohol-based products is subject to state laws.

Other than that, here are the primary exemptions in Target’s price match policy:

  • Contract mobile phones
  • Associated plans
  • Optical products
  • Warranties and assembly fees
  • Taxes, shipping, and handling fees
  • Pharmaceuticals

Can I Price Match Products I Have Already Purchased Online At Target?

Target will happily price match an identical item offered at a lower price at within 14 days after purchase.

However, a team member will need to see proof of the new price and an original receipt displaying the price you paid. Once the price is adjusted, you’ll be refunded the difference using the method you paid.

Does Target Price Match Target Plus Partner Prices?

All merchandise sold by Target Plus Partners on the ‘Marketplace’ at or any other Target eCommerce platform does not qualify for price match.

This is because independent third-party sellers (and not Target) determine these prices.

Does Target’s Website Price Match Target Stores?

The roles work in reverse as well, i.e. prices on Target’s website can be matched with Target stores.

You can request the price match by calling Guest Services on 1-800-440-0680 at the time of purchase or within 14 days. A team member will adjust the price or dispense a refund via the card you used.

Can I Price Match Online Target Circle Prices?

According to Target’s price match guarantee policy, Target Circle offers and coupons cannot be applied to a price match.

This is because Target Circle offers and rewards are exclusively given to members. However, customers are allowed to use offers after a standard price match has been made.

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Target stores will price match cheaper products on at the time of purchase or up to 14 days after the purchase.

You can only price match completely identical items and must provide proof of the new price from your mobile phone or an official printout.

Products sold by Marketplace sellers, contract mobiles, shipping fees, and sale items are not eligible for a price match.

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