Does Tesco Deliver? [All You Need To Know!]

Almost 4,000 Tesco stores in the UK and Republic of Ireland offer an extensive range of groceries and products.

But, if you prefer to have your shopping brought to your door, then you might be wondering whether Tesco also offers a delivery service. Here is what I discovered!

Does Tesco Deliver?

Tesco does deliver to homes throughout the UK. Tesco charges between £3 and £4.50 for home deliveries depending on the time slot you choose. Additionally, if the delivery order is under £40, there will be an additional £4 surcharge on top of the delivery fee.

To learn more about how the Teso delivery service works, if it does same-day delivery, minimum order amounts, and more, keep on reading!

Does Tesco Do Same Day Delivery?

Tesco does offer a same-day delivery option, although it is dependent on whether there are any slots available on the day that you order.

To qualify for same-day home delivery, order your shopping before 1 pm. Ensure you check out before 1 pm, too. Otherwise, your order is unlikely to arrive on the same day.

As long as there is a time slot available, you can choose to have your order delivered after 7 pm on the same day. You will not be charged any additional fees.

Where Does Tesco Deliver To?

Tesco will deliver to most UK residential addresses, including houses and apartment blocks. They can also deliver to business addresses.

To check whether or not Tesco can deliver your shopping to you, you will need to register for an account on the Tesco website.

During the registration process, you will input your address and will be told whether or not your address is eligible for Tesco’s delivery service.

Don’t worry if Tesco can’t deliver to your address, though, because you can always choose to use their Click+Collect service instead.

How Much Is The Tesco Delivery Fee?

How Much Is The Tesco Delivery Fee?

Your home delivery will cost the price of your shopping, plus the £3 to £4.50 standard delivery charge that gets added on to every home delivery order.

If your order total is under £40, then you will have to pay an additional £4 minimum basket charge. All fees will be added to your total during the checkout process.

How Does Tesco Delivery Work?

To get your Tesco online shopping delivered to your home, simply register for a Tesco account and book a time slot for your delivery on their website.

You can select different time slots, including a fixed time slot, which means your shopping will be delivered within an hour of the time you specify.

This will cost you £4.50. If you opt for a Flexi saver slot, Tesco will confirm a one-hour time slot for you on the day of delivery, and you will be charged just £3.

Your order will be delivered to you in a Tesco refrigerated van, so you can be sure that all of your items will arrive fresh.

Any items that are not fresh or that are damaged during delivery can be handed back to the delivery driver, who will process a refund for those items.

If you are looking to deliver your own mail or items, you can also purchase stamps from many Tesco locations.

Additionally, if you are wondering what payment providers Tesco accepts, you can our guides on whether or not Tesco accepts PayPal, Apple Pay, Amex, and One4All Vouchers.


Tesco does offer a home delivery service if you are unable to go to one of their thousands of UK shops. You will be charged an additional £3 if you select a Flexi saver delivery slot, or £4.50 for a specified delivery slot. You will incur other charges if you do not meet the minimum basket requirements.

To order your shopping for delivery from Tesco, simply go to the Tesco website, register for an account, and pick a time slot for delivery. Then, complete your shopping and checkout.

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