Does Tim Hortons Have Poutine? (All You Need To Know)

If you are a fan of French fries in gravy, you may be wondering if the popular chain Tim Hortons still has it on its menu.

If so, keep reading to learn whether or not Tim Hortons still has this tasty dish and where you can find alternatives!

Does Tim Hortons Have Poutine In 2024?

Tim Hortons has not had poutine in two years, and Tim Hortons does not have poutine on its menu in the US or Canada as of 2024. While this tasty dish was included at one time and brought back, it is not available right now. There is a chance that it will return for a limited time. 

Keep reading to find out more about Tim Hortons poutine and when you may be able to find it again!

Why Did Tim Hortons Stop Serving Poutine?

Tim Hortons likely stopped serving the dish because it does not align with its other current offerings.

For example, the main items served include pastries and sandwiches, which are quite different from poutine.

Is There Hope For Tim Hortons Poutine To Return?

Tim Hortons regularly brought back the favorite menu item, but it appears to have not done so since COVID-19 began.

If you are looking for the dish, keep an eye out because there is a chance that it will make a return.

When Was The Last Time Tim Hortons Served Poutine?

Tim Hortons last offered its poutine in 2019 with the intention of it only being available for a limited time.

What Kind Of Fries Were In Tim Hortons Poutine?

Tim Hortons used its potato wedges that are part of the regular menu in the poutine.

However, some people disliked this as they are thicker and not consistent with the traditional french fries found in poutine.

How Much Was Tim Hortons Poutine?

The last time the dish was offered, it sold for $4.39; however, the price could vary by location.

Was Tim Hortons Poutine Vegetarian Or Vegan?

Was Tim Hortons Poutine Vegetarian Or Vegan?

The poutine offered by Tim Hortons was, in fact, vegetarian as there was no meat in the gravy, which was different from some versions of poutine that use beef.

However, Tim Hortons’ poutine was not vegan friendly because the dish did include cheese curds produced with milk.

What Is Tim Hortons Poutine Donut?

Tim Hortons released a poutine-covered donut only in the United States for Donut Day in 2017, which was met with a strong dissent from Canadians who were mad at the publicity stunt.

Further, the ire was mainly caused by Tim Hortons having discontinued poutine in Canada.

How Were Tim Hortons Poutine Donuts Made?

The poutine donut was a honey-dipped donut topped with potato wedges and cheese curds, then drizzled with brown gravy.

How Much Were Poutine Donuts?

The poutine donut offered in select US Tim Hortons locations on Donut Day in 2017 cost $1.49, which is a bit pricey for a donut.

What Fast-Food Restaurants Have Poutine?

Fortunately, you can find poutine at many fast-food restaurants in Canada.

For example, because it is such a staple of Canadian culture, many chains, such as Mcdonald’s, include it on the menu.

Burger King

Burger King locations throughout Canada offer poutine on the menu.

However, what is interesting is that Burger King’s parent company also owns Tim Hortons, which doesn’t offer poutine.

Additionally, poutine at Burger King will cost you $5.41, but the fries are larger than at McDonald’s, which makes better poutine.


McDonald’s also has poutine on its menu in Canada. But, the world-renowned fries reportedly do not fare well with the dish.

With that, McDonald’s fries do not pair well because they are too small and weak to be served with gravy and cheese curds. Also, McDonald’s poutine costs $5.30 for a serving.


Wendy’s is known for its fresh, never-frozen beef, but the restaurant also has poutine, which will cost you $4.62.

Just like Burger King and McDonald’s, Wendy’s uses its regular fries in the poutine, which are the closest to what would be found in traditional Canadian poutine.

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Tim Hortons currently does not have poutine on its menu. However, there are numerous other fast-food restaurants to fill the hunger for poutine.

Also, be sure to keep an eye out to see if Tim Hortons brings back the beloved dish. But if the restaurant does, hurry in because it is only brought back for a limited time.

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