Does Tim Hortons Have Soup? (Flavors, Cost, Calories + More)

If you’re looking for a hot bowl of soup at Tim Hortons, you might want to know: does Tim Hortons have soup?

If so, keep reading to learn all you need to know about Tim Hortons and its soup offerings! 

Does Tim Hortons Serve Soup In 2024?

Tim Hortons offers soup on its lunch menu in Canada as of 2024. There are three flavors of soup offered at Tim Hortons, including chicken noodle, cream of broccoli, and potato bacon. Sometimes, Tim Hortons offers bowls of soup with other items during promotions throughout the year.

Do you want to know more about Tim Hortons’ soup and the types offered? If so, read on to learn what I’ve found out! 

What Kind Of Soup Does Tim Hortons Serve?

Tim Hortons serves three kinds of soup: chicken noodle, cream of broccoli, and potato bacon.

Additionally, Tim Hortons may offer other soup specialties throughout the year.

When Does Tim Hortons Serve Soup?

Soup is part of Tim Hortons lunch menu and is not available for breakfast. That said, most locations begin serving lunch at 10 AM.

Therefore, you can buy soup at Tim Hortons any time after 10 Am until closing.

Do All Tim Hortons Serve Soup?

All Tim Hortons locations in Canada serve soup as it is one of its main lunch specialties.

How Much Is Tim Hortons Soup?

The price of Tim Hortons soup varies by the size bowl you order, and all flavors cost the same.

For example, regular size bowls of soup cost $3.69, while large bowls cost $4.89.

How Many Calories Are In Tim Hortons Soup?

A large bowl of cream of broccoli soup at Tim Hortons has 308 calories, while a regular bowl has 271 calories.

In comparison, a large bowl of chicken noodle soup has 323 calories, while a regular bowl has 277 calories.

Finally, the large bowl of potato bacon soup has 309 calories, while a regular bowl contains 221 calories.

How Much Fat Is In Tim Hortons Soup?

A regular bowl of cream of broccoli soup at Tim Hortons has 11.2 grams of fat, while a large bowl has 13.3 grams.

Moreover, chicken noodle soup at Tim Hortons has 8 grams of fat in a regular bowl and 8.7 grams in a small bowl.

Finally, Tim Hortons’ potato bacon soup has 11 grams of fat in a regular bowl and 15.4 grams in a small bowl.

How Big Is Tim Hortons Soup?

Tim Hortons offers soup in both regular and large size bowls.

What Do You Get With Tim Hortons Soup?

What Do You Get With Tim Hortons Soup?

Bowls of soup at Tim Hortons are considered an entrée, so they do not come with a side. However, a soup order does include a piece of bread.

Is Tim Hortons Soup A Side?

A bowl of Tim Hortons soup is not available as a side to a combo meal. However, there are times when Tim Hortons offers special combos that include soup and sandwiches together.

Is Tim Hortons Soup Good?

Although Tim Hortons soup may not be winning a prize for the best soup in the world, it has certainly gained a following.

For example, a petition was started when the soup was removed from the Tim Hortons menu, leading to the restaurant bringing the fan-favorite back.

Still, how good the soup is is best left to be determined by the person eating it, but soup at a fast-food restaurant certainly helps set Tim Hortons apart.

What Other Fast-Food Restaurants Serve Soup?

Soup is not a dish commonly found at fast-food restaurants, with Tim Hortons being the largest chain serving it.

However, Subway notably tried offering the dish for a while but removed it from its menu after it did not sell well enough.

So, the closest thing to a soup that you will find in fast-food restaurants is a bowl of chili and Wendy’s.

Can I Buy A Can Of Tim Hortons Soup?

Tim Hortons’ soup is so popular that the restaurant has canned it and made it available at grocery stores.

That said, grocery stores throughout Canada offer the canned version of Tim Hortons soup.

Can I Have Tim Hortons Soup Delivered? 

Tim Hortons offers delivery of its menu items in both the United States and Canada, and soup is available to have delivered.

However, the minimum order amount for delivery is $9, and there is a $4 delivery fee in Canada.

In the United States, the delivery fee is $2 plus 12.5% of your order total. Additionally, both countries may have applicable taxes and fees applied to orders.

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Tim Hortons offers three types of soup, including cream of broccoli, chicken noodle, and potato bacon, and these are available in both regular and large size bowls.

Moreover, Tim Hortons had previously discontinued this fan-favorite menu item but has brought it back.

Additionally, Tim Hortons has even come out with a canned version of its soups that are available at grocery stores throughout Canada.

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