Does Tim Hortons Serve Oatmeal? (+ Other Common FAQs)

If you’re looking for a hot bowl of oatmeal at the popular fast-food chain Tim Hortons, you might want to know: does Tim Hortons serve oatmeal?

If so, keep reading to learn all you need to know about Tim Hortons’ oatmeal and the restaurant’s breakfast! 

Does Tim Hortons Serve Oatmeal In [currentyear]?

Oatmeal is available at Tim Hortons locations throughout Canada; however, those in the US will not be able to find the item on the menu as of [currentyear]. Also, oatmeal will not be available all day at locations that offer an all-day breakfast menu. Tim Hortons sells Maple, Mixed Berries, and Plain oatmeal.

Do you want to know more about Tim Hortons oatmeal offerings? If so, read on to learn what we’ve found out! 

Does Tim Hortons Serve Oatmeal All Day?

Tim Hortons locations in Canada offer breakfast all day. However, oatmeal is one of the only menu items not provided all day.

Therefore, to find oatmeal at Tim Hortons, you are going to have to get up early and go to the restaurant in the morning.

Where Can I Find Tim Hortons Oatmeal?

Oatmeal is available at Tim Hortons locations throughout Canada; unfortunately, US locations do not currently serve oatmeal. 

What Kind Of Oatmeal Does Tim Hortons Serve?

Tim Hortons serves oatmeal in three varieties; Maple, Mixed Berries, and Plain in both small and large sizes.

Is Tim Hortons’ Oatmeal Any Good?

Eat This ranked the Mixed Berries oatmeal as the best meal on the Tim Hortons menu. However, this is still fast food, and visitors should not expect a gourmet meal.

Is Tim Hortons’ Oatmeal Gluten-Free?

Unfortunately, Tim Hortons’ oatmeal is not gluten-free as it contains gluten and wheat.

Is Tim Hortons’ Oatmeal Low Fat?

Tim Hortons small Maple oatmeal has 2.5 grams of fat, while its small bowl of Mixed Berries oatmeal has 3 grams.

Also, both large Maple and Mixed Berries oatmeal have 4 grams of fat, meaning the fat content in all options are low fat.

Is Tim Hortons’ Oatmeal Vegetarian?

Is Tim Hortons’ Oatmeal Vegetarian?

Yes, Tim Hortons’ Mixed Berries and Maple oatmeals are vegetarian, providing an alternative for those that do not want meat.

Is Tim Hortons’ Oatmeal Vegan?

Yes, Tim Hortons’ oatmeal is in fact, vegan. That said, the dish is comprised of oat milk which is a complete lactose and gluten-free alternative to traditional milk.

How Many Calories Are In Tim Hortons’ Oatmeal?

A small bowl of Tim Hortons Maple oatmeal has 220 calories, while the Mixed Berries option has 210 calories.

If you want a larger bowl, the large Maple oatmeal has 360 calories compared to 320 calories in the Mixed Berries bowl.

Additionally, complete nutritional information for all menu items is available on the Tim Hortons website and mobile app.

How Big Is Tim Hortons’ Oatmeal Bowl?

A small bowl of Tim Hortons oatmeal is ten ounces, while information is not provided on the large.

Moreover, a Tim Hortons size small bowl of oatmeal would be a side item to complement your meal, whereas the large will likely be big enough for a complete meal.

What Can I Get With Tim Hortons’ Oatmeal?

Tim Hortons oatmeal is not part of a combo meal. But, you can add a donut and a drink to make it a meal.

Does Tim Hortons Serve Oat Milk?

Yes, Tim Hortons serves Chobani oat milk at its locations in Canada. With that, the milk is both lactose and gluten-free, making it a great vegan alternative, and you can add it to any drink.

What Fast-Food Restaurants Have Oatmeal?

Oatmeal is an excellent alternative to the traditionally unhealthy options available at most fast-food restaurants; however, few places actually offer it.

Burger King

Unfortunately, Burger King currently does not have oatmeal on its menu. Previously, Burger King added oatmeal to its menu back in 2011, but it has since been discontinued.


McDonald’s offers a fruit and a maple bowl of oatmeal on its breakfast menu. Also, oatmeal should be available at all McDonald’s locations that serve breakfast.


Wendy’s does not offer bowls of oatmeal, but it does offer oatmeal bars on its breakfast menu.

That said, Wendy’s is the most recent entrant into the breakfast market, starting in 2019. But, the restaurant is quickly rising to the top after passing Burger King.

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Tim Hortons does serve oatmeal as part of its breakfast menu. However, it is not part of the restaurant’s all-day breakfast menu, so be sure to go in early if you want oatmeal.

Additionally, oatmeal at Tim Hortons comes in three types, including Maple, Mixed Berries, and Plain, in two sizes which are regular and large.

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