Does Uber Allow Dogs? (All You Need to Know)

Uber provides its users convenience by making on-demand rides easy to access with several options available depending on their needs.

For dog owners, it’s important to know whether they’re allowed on rides. If you’re wondering whether you can bring your dog while you take an Uber, here’s what you need to know!

Does Uber Allow Dogs In 2024?

Uber allows dogs, but this is only guaranteed in Uber Pet rides in 2024. Uber Pet is specifically intended to cater to people traveling with pets. Uber Pet only lets you bring one pet per ride. If you’re using anything other than Uber Pet, the driver could refuse to carry your pet unless it’s a service animal.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Uber’s dog policy, including how drivers are allowed to handle them, what you should do when bringing them on a ride, how many you can bring, and more!

The Uber Pet Policy

Uber’s pet policy is comprised of the following key guidelines:

  1. If you’re bringing a service animal with you, you can take any ride type and don’t need Uber Pet
  2. Uber Pet is the only ride type that guarantees rides for non-service animals. For other ride options, it’s up to the driver
  3. Dogs and cats are allowed to be in an Uber Pet if they’re on a leash or other similar restraint. Other pet types like rodents and reptiles need to be in a carrier
  4. What sorts of animals qualify for Uber rides changes depending on where you are, especially in markets where Uber Pet has not yet launched. For example, some places only allow dogs
  5. Uber Pet can only carry two riders and one pet at a time. Even if you’re riding with just your pet, you can only bring one
  6. If you want to bring more than one pet, you should ask your driver beforehand, but they have the right to refuse
  7. There aren’t any size restrictions on the pets you can bring
  8. Your Uber Pet driver has the right to refuse any animal that isn’t a dog or cat
  9. Your Uber Pet driver has the right to refuse any animal they believe is uncontrolled or unsafe
  10. Your driver can charge you extra for cleaning fees if your animal causes damage, is shedding, etc.
  11. Cleaning fees don’t apply if your pet leaves a smell in the car because that’s expected
  12. You’re responsible for your pet and what they do throughout the ride
  13. Your pet is not insured if anything happens

There are also some tips that Uber has provided for riding with pets:

  1. You should ask your driver where they prefer for the pet to sit
  2. You should bring a blanket or towel to lay down and reduce the chances of your pet causing damage
  3. Keep an eye on your pet throughout the trip and don’t leave it unattended

Can an Uber Decline a Service Dog?

According to federal law, Uber can’t decline a service dog on any ride type because they’re protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Can I Uber Just My Dog?

You can’t Uber just your dog. Even when using Uber Pet, you will need to accompany the animal on the ride.

It doesn’t matter if you’re sending the dog to someone you trust; you’ll need to be on the ride to take care of it because the drivers aren’t expected to take that responsibility.

Is Uber Pet a Separate App?

Uber Pet is not a separate app. It’s available alongside other ride types from within the main Uber app when you request a ride.

Where Is Uber Pet Available?

Uber Pet is currently only available in a few cities, but it’s always expanding, so you should look through the options in your area to see if you have it.

Aside from select locations in the US, Uber Pet is also available in some cities in Britain, Turkey, Australia, and Switzerland.

Does Uber Pet Cost More?

Does Uber Pet Cost More?

Uber Pet costs more than the standard ride types because it’s considered a special service. If your pet causes damage to the vehicle, you could end up paying more in cleaning fees.

Does Uber Pet Pay More?

Uber Pet pays more because it’s considered a special service. Riders pay more per ride and drivers receive it, displayed as a surcharge in their earnings receipt.

What Kind of Car Is Uber Pet?

Uber Pet uses any car that also qualifies for regular rides and drivers can opt-in and out whenever they want.

This means that Uber Pet cars need 4 doors and the ability to carry at least 4 riders at a time.

When carrying pets, this changes to one rider in the front and one rider in the back along with the pet.

What Is the Difference Between Uber Pet and Uber X?

Uber Pet and Uber X don’t have many differences beyond how X drivers don’t have to accept pets.

Uber X drivers can carry pets, but you need to ask them first and, unless it’s a service animal, they can refuse even if it’s a common one like a dog or cat.

Is Uber Pet Worth It?

For a rider, Uber Pet might be worth it if you regularly travel with a pet that isn’t a service animal and doesn’t want to deal with drivers turning you down.

That said, you might still deal with some rejection if your pet is aggressive or is an uncommon one like a reptile.

For these kinds of pets, you might have better chances if you bring them in a carrier.

You should bring a blanket or towel and be ready to pay extra cleaning fees just in case your pet makes a mess in the car.

As a driver, Uber Pet might be worth it if you’re willing to deal with the extra hassle of having pets in the car, including messes, smells, and potentially aggressive animals.

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Uber allows dogs through Uber Pets. If the dog is a service animal, you can bring it on any ride because, according to the law, the driver can’t turn it down. Uber Pets allows for a maximum of two riders and one animal.

Drivers have the ability to charge you extra for cleaning fees if your pet makes a mess in their car. To avoid this, you should bring a blanket or towel to lay down where they sit or have them in a carrier.

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