Does Uber Drive Vans or SUVs (All You Need to Know)

When you think of an Uber, the first image that comes to mind is a small hatchback or sedan for getting around.

Sometimes you want a larger car that can do more than this, and if you’re wondering whether Uber also uses vans or SUVs, keep reading for what you need to know!

Does Uber Drive Vans or SUVs?

Uber uses both vans and SUVs in a variety of ride types, some of which have special provisions for riders with extra needs in 2024. Most vans and SUVs used for Uber are provided at higher-than-usual rates for people traveling in large groups or with plenty of luggage. Uber drivers can also use vans and SUVs for regular rides.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about vans and SUVs at Uber, including the ride types that use them most often, the capacities you can expect, and more!

Can an Uber Hold 8 Passengers?

Ubers aren’t meant to hold 8 passengers but it’s possible to talk your driver into letting 8 riders squeeze inside a car at the same time, although we wouldn’t recommend it.

As per Uber’s guidelines, the number of riders a vehicle can carry should correspond with the number of seat belts, so each passenger can have one.

There are some rare but possible instances where you can get a car that’s built to carry 8 passengers, such as certain models of the GMC Yukon and Chevy Tahoe.

Unfortunately, while you can increase your chances of getting such a vehicle by requesting from UberXL or Black SUV, there’s no guarantee that you will, so you should keep the number of passengers at 6 or below.

What Is the Biggest Uber?

As of now, the biggest Uber is UberXL, which uses SUVs and minivans for a capacity of up to 6 riders at once.

However, as stated above, you might get a car that has a higher seating capacity, but it’s best to make plans with a hard ceiling of 6 in mind.

Which SUV Can I Use for Uber?

There are several different SUVs that you can use for Uber, as long as it qualifies for the ride type you’re aiming for.

Currently, most options require a relatively newer model vehicle (usually 15 years old maximum) with 4 doors, meaning that you can use anything from crossovers to full-size.

Some of the SUVs we’ve seen used for several different Uber ride types include the following:

  1. GMC Yukon
  2. Cadillac Escalade
  3. Porsche Cayenne
  4. Lincoln Navigator
  5. Toyota 4runner
  6. Toyota RAV4
  7. Toyota Land Cruiser
  8. Range Rover Sport
  9. BMW X-series
  10. Chevy Suburban
  11. Chevy Tahoe
  12. Ford Expedition
  13. Ford Bronco
  14. Lexus LX
  15. Lexus RX
  16. Kia Sorento
  17. Kia Sportage
  18. Mercedes Benz G-Class
  19. Volkswagen Touareg
  20. Honda CR-V

As you can tell from the list above, the SUVs that Uber uses are from several different classes with features that make them suitable for different ride types.

Your seating capacity is one of the main factors that determine how you can use your SUV for Uber.

For example, Smaller SUVs with 5 seats are used for UberX and Comfort, while larger ones with 7 seats are commonly used for XL.

What Is Uber Van?

What Is Uber Van?

As the name suggests, Uber Van is a ride type that only uses vans to provide rides, ideal for large groups of people traveling with heavy luggage.

What Is UberXL?

UberXL is a ride type that uses SUVs and minivans to provide rides for up to 6 people at a time or smaller numbers with more luggage.

However, if you’re not riding with a large group, XL is also ideal for traveling with heavy luggage due to its higher capacity.

What Is Uber Comfort?

Uber Comfort is a ride type that emphasizes vehicles with more space than usual for a more comfortable ride at higher rates.

Due to this focus, Uber Comfort uses SUVs and vans, but it also allows for sedans and hatchbacks, as long as they have more leg and headroom.

What Is Uber Black SUV?

As the name suggests, Uber Black SUV is a ride type that uses black luxury SUVs to provide rides at higher rates.

As of now, Uber Black SUV only accepts vehicles manufactured in or after 2015.

Do I Need a Van for Uber Assist?

You don’t need a van for Uber Assist; all you need is the space to store mobility devices such as wheelchairs when providing rides.

You can use any type of car for Uber Assist, even if it doesn’t have a trunk, as long as you have enough space to store things like wheelchairs without inconveniencing the rider.

However, you’ll need training and certification before you can get approved for Uber Assist to ensure you know enough to help those that need assistance.

While you don’t need a van for Uber Assist, it’s best to have a car with a dedicated trunk so you don’t have to choose between more riders and folding down seats for storage.

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Uber uses both SUVs and vans to provide rides. Some of them are used specifically for certain ride types, but you can also use them for regular rides. Uber’s ride options that prioritize SUVs and vans include UberXL and Uber Black SUV.

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