Does Uber Eats Hire Felons? (Must Read Before Applying)

A lot of the wording around Uber Eats’ recruitment efforts for drivers pushes the idea that it’s a straightforward gig that anyone with a car and some free time can get into.

For people with a criminal record, this might sound appealing. We looked into whether or not Uber Eats hires felons and here’s what we found!

Does Uber Eats Hire Felons In 2024?

Unfortunately, Uber Eats does not hire felons in 2024. According to Uber’s official policy, anyone convicted of a felony can’t get approved. Uber Eats’ decision not to hire felons could come down to a liability issue since drivers come into contact with customers so keeping them out of the pool might be seen as a way to maintain safety.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about Uber Eats’ policy on felons before applying, including what could disqualify you, the background check, and more!

Can You Do Uber Eats Without a Background Check?

Unfortunately, you can’t do Uber Eats without a background check. Anyone who signs up to be a driver has to submit to a background check before they can get approved.

Can You Do Uber Eats With a Criminal Background?

You can do Uber Eats with a criminal background, but it depends on what’s on your record and whether it shows up in a background check.

Uber Eats automatically disqualifies anyone with a felony conviction and a violent or sexual offense.

If you’re a registered sex offender, you also can’t work for Uber Eats.

However, you could work for Uber Eats if your criminal record includes a misdemeanor, especially if it’s nonviolent.

In many places across the country, background checks only go back about 7 years, so if your conviction happened beyond that, you could still work for Uber Eats.

A sealed or expunged criminal record also won’t show up on a background check, so this won’t keep you from approval.

What Does Uber Eats Look for in a Background Check?

What Does Uber Eats Look for in a Background Check?

Uber Eats looks for your criminal history and driving records on a background check using an automated service called Checkr.

Companies that use Checkr can set what they want to look for.

Also, because we know Uber Eats looks through your criminal and driving records, we have a firm idea of what the search could find.

Checkr’s criminal background checks look through the following databases:

  1. National criminal records
  2. County criminal records
  3. Federal criminal records
  4. State criminal records
  5. Global watchlists
  6. Sex offender registries

Checkr’s motor vehicle records check can find out the following about you:

  1. Whether or not your license is expired or suspended
  2. Recent driving restrictions and violations such as speeding and running red lights
  3. What kinds of vehicles you’re licensed to drive and whether the one you’re using for the gig is covered

Checkr also has the option to set up continuous checks, so even if you get approved but get an offense added to your record in the future, Uber Eats will be notified.

What Would Disqualify You From Uber Eats?

As stated above, you would be disqualified from Uber Eats if your background check revealed a conviction for a felony.

Aside from this, convictions for violent or sexual crimes or being a registered sex offender will get you disqualified from Uber Eats.

Certain offenses such as murder, sexual assault, and terrorism might also keep you away from approval on Uber Eats no matter how long ago they happened.

Even if you haven’t been convicted but you’ve been charged with a felony, you’ll be ineligible for approval until it gets resolved in your favor, e.g. dismissal or acquittal.

As for your driving requirements, you’ll be disqualified if you don’t have a valid US driver’s license, i.e. it can’t be expired or suspended.

If you’re 24 or younger, you’ll need at least 3 years of experience driving in the US. If you’re 25 and older you’ll need one year.

You can work for Uber Eats if you have minor driving violations like parking tickets but not serious ones like DUIs.

How Long Does a Background Check Take for Uber Eats?

Background checks on Uber Eats take between 3 and 5 business days in most cases and you can keep tabs on the status of your application via your Checkr profile.

It might take longer if any of the sources contacted for information, such as county courts, don’t keep electronic records or are understaffed.

If you’ve lived in many places, the check will need to contact more sources for your records and the process could take longer than usual.

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Uber Eats do background checks, is Uber Eats safe, and does Uber Eats markup prices.


Unfortunately, Uber Eats does not hire felons. Anyone with a felony on their record will be disqualified from Uber Eats when the background check uncovers it.

Aside from felonies, people convicted for violent and sexual offenses get disqualified from Uber Eats. If you’ve only been charged with a felony, you’ll still be disqualified from Uber Eats until it gets resolved in your favor such as through acquittal or dismissal.

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