Does USPS Ship To Russia? (All You Need To Know)

Thanks to shipping services like USPS, we’re all more connected than ever and can send things across the globe without thinking twice- however, there are some restrictions.

If you’re curious about which countries USPS provides shipping services for, you might be wondering if it can ship to Russia. And if so, how long does it take a package to get to Russia? I researched the matter, and here’s everything I found out!

Does USPS Ship To Russia In [currentyear]?

USPS does ship to Russia and is one of the only carriers Russia accepts as of [currentyear]. USPS offers three services for shipping to Russia: Global Express Guaranteed, Priority Mail Express International, and Priority Mail International. Global Express Guaranteed is the most expensive and fastest service. Priority Mail International is the cheapest service but is the slowest.

If you’re thinking about using USPS to ship your next package to Russia, be sure to check out the rest of my research to see price and delivery time comparisons!

How Much Does It Cost To Ship To Russia With USPS?

USPS determines the shipping costs of each package by the distance it will travel, the weight, and the dimensions of the box.

Also, USPS determines the shipping cost by the delivery window, which varies depending on the shipping service used.

For instance, say we assume a package is approximately five pounds with average dimensions, we can start to get a ballpark estimate of shipping costs.

In regards to international shipping, Global Express Guaranteed is a hybrid service USPS offers in partnership with FedEx, meaning consumers get the best of both worlds.

For example, to ship a five-pound package with average dimensions from the United States to Russia using Global Express Guaranteed, you can expect to pay around $243 in shipping costs.

In comparison, the same package shipped with Priority Mail Express International costs less than half of that, coming in at $112.50.

Then, the least expensive option available for shipping your package is Priority Mail International, which would cost just under $82 to ship to Russia.

Still, it’s essential to keep in mind that all of these price estimates are just that: estimates.

Therefore, because these prices are based on hypothetical factors, the shipping costs for your specific package will vary depending on its weight and dimensions.

So, if you’re interested in seeing more tailored, personalized price estimates based on your package, you can visit the price calculator on the USPS website here.

How Long Does It Take USPS To Ship To Russia?

How Long Does It Take USPS To Ship To Russia?

Delivery windows vary predominantly based on the type of shipping service used and can also be affected by holds at customs.

While the most expensive service, Global Express Guaranteed is also the fastest service USPS offers since it’s in tandem with FedEx.

Moreover, a package delivers within one to three business days or your money back.

Then, Priority Mail Express International is the next quickest shipping service available, typically delivering within three to five business days, although the delivery window is not guaranteed.

Finally, Priority Mail International is the last shipping service available and the slowest, usually delivering packages within six to ten business days, but the delivery time isn’t guaranteed.

Also, it’s important to note that, with any international package, your package will have to be cleared by customs before it can enter Russia officially and make its way to its final destination.

Fortunately, Russian customs are typically relatively efficient, as holds usually last around 24 hours after the customs declaration is registered and all necessary documentation is accounted for.

However, Russian customs officials can choose to hold a package for up to ten business days if necessary, meaning that nearly all shipping services can be subject to delays of up to ten business days if paperwork isn’t in order.

Moreover, if you’re interested in reading more about Russian customs regulations, tariffs, and documentation requirements for imports, check out this helpful site for more information.

What Are The USPS Shipping Restrictions To Russia?

Every country has a different set of prohibited and restricted imports, and Russia is no different.

That said, most of the restricted and prohibited items are pretty standard items, such as explosives, alcohol, hazardous waste, poison, drugs, and calls to terrorism.

Still, some restricted/prohibited items are a bit on the strange side and include items such as:

  • Documents of current and personal correspondence and any correspondence exchanged by the persons not being the sender
  • Electric fishing systems and equipment consisting of electric signal generators with connected conductors and accumulators (batteries), employed together to fish biological aquatic resources using electric current
  • Equipment for fishing/catching the aqueous biological resources
  • Ready mesh fishing nets made from synthetic or other polyamide mono threads, with a thread diameter less than 0.5 mm and mesh size less than 100 mm (length of mesh at one side less than 50 mm)
  • Books, newspapers, pictures, manuscripts, and miscellaneous documents containing information that could be detrimental to State security
  • Items containing information that could be prejudicial to the political and economic interests of Russia, to public safety, or the health and morality of its citizens
  • Information about the Earth’s interior sent to or from the address of private individuals for needs that are not related to company activities

Additionally, a complete list of the Russian conditions for mailing, including all restricted and prohibited items, can be found on this page of the USPS website.

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Fortunately, USPS ships packages to Russia and offers three primary shipping services.

For example, Global Express Guaranteed is the fastest shipping service and comes with a guaranteed delivery window of one to three business days or your money back.

However, it’s also the most expensive shipping service.

In comparison, Priority Mail International is the best shipping service option for when you’re on a budget. Still, it takes the longest, with delivery times typically falling between six and ten business days.

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