Does Walmart Cash EFS Checks? [Simply Explained] 

EFS checks are widely used by truck drivers to pay for the fuel, maintenance, and repair of their vehicles.

Since Walmart can cash a range of checks at its money centers, you may be wondering: does Walmart cash EFS checks? Here is what I have found out!

Does Walmart Cash EFS Checks?

Walmart does not cash EFS checks at any Walmart store or money center. Walmart does, however, cash other pre-printed checks, such as government and payroll checks. You can cash an EFS check at a nearby truck stop merchant or local bank.

To find out more about what checks Walmart does cash as well as where you can cash your EFS check, keep on reading!

Where Can I Cash My EFS Check Near Me?

You can cash an EFS check at most truck stop merchants during the store’s usual working hours. We suggest taking a valid form of government-issued photo ID when attempting to cash your EFS check.

You can get your EFS to check cashed at any of the following truck stop merchants:

  • Pilot Flying J Travel Centers (Limit:  $999.99)
  • Love’s Travel Stops (Limit:  $999.99)
  • TA-Petro (Limit:  $300)
  • Road Ranger truck stops and travel centers (Limit:  $999.99)

Can You Cash An EFS Check At A Bank?

You can cash an EFS check at most local banks, such as Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and the U.S. Bank.

However, you will be required to bring the EFS check to the local bank’s branch for review and verification before the bank cashes it for you. 

Make sure to carry your government-issued photo ID with you when you visit the branch for this purpose.

What Is The Fee For Cashing EFS Checks?

Most truck stop merchants and banks will charge either a flat nominal amount for cashing an EFS check or a percentage of the check’s value for cashing your EFS check.

For example, Love’s Travel Stops will charge $3 or 3% of the check’s value, depending on which amount is greater, whereas Road Ranger will charge $3 for every $100.

In some cases, the merchants may waive the fee completely if you buy a minimum amount of fuel or other maintenance services from them. 

You can contact the individual merchant or bank directly to learn more about their fee policy.

To learn more, also see our other guides on whether or not Walmart accepts Comdata checks, Wells Fargo checks, Canadian checks, and out-of-state checks.


Walmart is not currently able to cash EFS checks due to their money center check policies, but they are able to cash a range of other checks, such as tax refund checks and government checks.

To cash out an EFS check, it is recommended that you visit a bank or a local truck stop merchant. For any check cashing process, you will need to supply a valid government photo identification first, so please remember to bring one with you. 

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