Does Walmart Cash International Checks? [Full Guide]

International checks facilitate the transfer of money across banks in different countries, but cashing them can prove to be a tricky task.

Since Walmart Money Center offers a variety of check-cashing services, you may be wondering: does Walmart cash international checks? Here is what I’ve found out!

Does Walmart Cash International Checks?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not cash international checks. However, you can cash a Canadian check as long as it is drawn on an American bank and in U.S. currency. Otherwise, you can deposit the international check (long waiting times) at your local bank and withdraw the amount.

To learn more about why Walmart does not cash international checks, how you can get Canadian checks cashed, and other alternatives, keep on reading!

Why Does Walmart Not Cash International Checks?

Walmart Money Center (and other U.S. banks) do not cash international checks primarily because of the long waiting and processing times involved in executing the transaction.

Walmart can either negotiate the international check or collect it directly from the bank in the country of origin.

However, this can take more than a month at times and leaves Walmart and other financial institutions vulnerable to fraud.

Does Walmart Cash Canadian Checks?

Yes, Walmart can cash Canadian checks only on the condition that the check has been drawn from an American bank, and is in U.S. currency.

Therefore, you can get Canadian checks cashed if the bank has branches in both countries such as Bank of America, Chase Bank, HSBC, Wells Fargo, and TD Bank.

However, note that you must meet the following criteria as well:

  • The check must not be handwritten
  • The check must be for an amount less than $5,000
  • You should have a state-issued photo ID and your social security number

How Can You Get An International Check Cashed In The U.S.?

Banks in the U.S. do not cash international checks. Therefore, if you have an international check and need to get it cashed, you can deposit the check at your local U.S. bank and then later withdraw the amount in U.S. currency.

However, note that the process of depositing an international check can take more than a month to complete (up to 2 months in some cases). Be mentally prepared to wait for so long.

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Walmart does not cash international checks at any of its stores because of the excessively long waiting times that make it vulnerable to fraud. However, it can cash Canadian checks that are drawn from an American bank and are in U.S. currency.

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