Does Walmart Accept Checks as a Payment Method? 

Walmart is one of America’s favorite household names and go-to retailers. The company aims to offer safe, affordable food and appliances, providing innovative ways to keep payment methods quick and easy.

But does Walmart accept checks as a payment method for customers? Here is what I discovered!

Does Walmart Accept Checks as a Payment Method?

Walmart does accept Checks as a valid payment method. All Checks must match the details on Photo IDs and pass Verification inspections by TeleCheck and Certegy. Customers can also request up to $20 cash back when paying with Checks,

If you’re planning to use Checks for your next shop at Walmart, keep reading to find out more!

How Does Walmart Process Checks?

Walmart will ask to check users to bring a valid Photo ID, such as a Passport or Driver’s License, as this must be observed before accepting a Check.

The name on the Check must match that on the photo ID to prevent fraud and must be printed, not signed.

Your Check will then need to pass third-party verification carried out by TeleCheck or Certegy. An alternative method of payment will be required should the process fail. 

Are There Limitations to Checks at Walmart? 

No, Walmart does not limit the number of Checks you can use as payment. However, Walmart will not accept Starter Checks.  

Bank providers may set a daily spending allowance on Checks, but Walmart does not have any restrictions in place.

Additionally, Checks can only be used at regular cash registers (no self-checkouts), and all Checks must be in U.S Dollars, linked to a U.S banking provider (foreign Checks are not valid).

Can You Receive Cash Back with Checks at Walmart?

Yes, $20 is the maximum cash back amount you can receive on personal checks at Walmart. You must include the additional $20 to the full amount before writing the Check.

To ease your transaction, you may ask the cashier if the register has the correct amount of cash inside before you write the Check. To learn more, you can also see my post on Walmarts cash back policy.

Is There a Fee for Using Check Payment Methods at Walmart?

Yes, fees apply to users with insufficient funds at the time the Check was written.

An additional $35 fee will apply to your original deduction. As sign-posted by Walmart, users agree to this policy when they write the Check.

Can I Cash a Check in at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart offers Check cashing services, they will accept the following checks: 

  • Pre-Printed  
  • Payroll 
  • Government & Tax 
  • Cashier’s 
  • Insurance Settlement 
  • MoneyGram Money Orders 
  • Two Party Personal Checks – Limited to $2,00

Cashing limits may depend on state law. You will be charged a cashing fee of $3.74 for each transaction.

To learn more, also see my full guide on cashing Checks at Walmart.


Yes, Walmart accepts Checks. Your Check will need to match the details shown on your Photo ID and a pass third-party Verification process. Checks can only be used at cash registers, where you can request up to $20 cash back.

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