Does Walmart Change Motorcycle, RV, ATV, Golf Cart, Trailer, Lawn Mower, & Bike Tires?  

With Walmart being such a giant in the industry, it’s no wonder millions of customers visit their stores every day for groceries, appliances, banking, and even automotive services!

So, with all those services on hand, you might be wondering if Walmart changed motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, golf carts, trailers, lawnmowers, and bike tires. Here is what I discovered!

Does Walmart Change Motorcycle, RVs, ATVs, Golf Cart, Trailer, Lawn Mower, & Bike Tires?

Walmart can replace tires on RVs, ATVs, and lawnmowers at various Auto Care Centers throughout the nation. Unfortunately, Walmart cannot replace tires for golf carts, trailers, motorcycles, and bikes as Walmart does not have the specialized equipment to do so.

Read on for more information on what kinds of tires Walmart has replacement services for, and what your alternatives are! 

Does Walmart Change Motorcycle Tires? 

Unfortunately, you cannot get your motorcycle tires replaced at any Walmart Auto Care Center. This is mainly because Walmart’s automotive department does not have the correct specialized equipment to safely and effectively remove and replace motorcycle tires.

However, you can purchase replacement motorcycle tires both in-store or online at, so if your motorcycle needs a change of tires, you can still rely on Walmart’s low prices to replace your tires at home. 

Alternatively, to get your motorcycle tires professionally replaced, you can bring the vehicle down to your local motorcycle dealership or bike repair shop.

The in-shop mechanics will be more than happy to look over your motorcycle, assess the condition of your tires, and quickly change out the problematic tires if necessary. 

Does Walmart Change RV Tires? 

Yes, Walmart does change and install RV tires! This is a very convenient service for camper owners and those who own other types of holiday or leisure vehicles.

Not only will Walmart change your RV tires, but you can also purchase new tires directly in the store, making it your one-stop shop.

Additionally, Walmart makes sure to stock some of the best name brands in the tire industry—including Goodyear and Michelin—for surprisingly low prices. 

Also, from our research, Walmart charges $200 – $300 to change an RV tire which includes the price of the tire.

If you are traveling in your RV, you can also see our guide on overnight parking at Walmart.

Does Walmart Change ATV Tires? 

Does Walmart Change ATV Tires? 

Walmart does change and replace ATV tires, and sells replacement ATV tires as well. If you take your ATV to your local Walmart Auto Care Center, you can expect to pay about $5 for each tire to be changed.

Types of ATVs accepted for servicing, and tire replacement includes 4x4s, Arc vectors, dirt bikes, and quads.

Walmart sells replacement tires for all of these types of ATVs, so if you prefer to change the tires at home, you can easily do so without breaking the bank. 

Does Walmart Change Golf Cart Tires? 

Unfortunately, Walmart does not change or install golf cart tires. However, you can purchase golf cart tires in-store or online at to change yourself as a DIY project!

Plus, most golf courses have their own maintenance workers to tend to any damaged tires, so most people don’t have to worry about changing golf cart tires very often. 

Does Walmart Change Trailer Tires? 

Walmart does not change trailer tires at their Auto Care Centers. You cannot bring any type of pull-behind trailer into your local Walmart and get the tires changed.

But you can purchase many types of trailer tires at Walmart to change yourself, or take your trailer into most automotive repair shops or garages, and they will change the tire for a nominal fee. 

Does Walmart Change Lawn Mower Tires? 

Not all Walmart stores install lawn mower tires, but it does vary by location and the expertise of the automotive staff.

Your best course of action is to phone your local Walmart store and enquire if they have the services to replace lawn mower tires.

Additionally, Walmart does sell replacement tires of all kinds, so even if your lawnmower falls under the larger category of garden tractor-riding lawnmowers, you can still purchase replacement tires.

This is useful if you want to replace the lawnmower tires yourself, which is surprisingly easy to accomplish at home. 

If your local Walmart does not have the capacity to change your lawn mower tires, you can take the unit to a hardware store or a tractor supply store, where the trained technicians will be more than happy to replace the tires for you, no matter the size of your unit.

Does Walmart Change Bike Tires? 

Sadly, Walmart does not change or repair bike tires. You can purchase a bike tire repair kit either in-store or online, if your tire is only damaged, or if you require a full replacement. Walmart also sells a wide variety of bike tires for all kinds of bicycles.

To get your bike tire professionally serviced, visit your local mountain biking shop or outdoor sporting goods supplier—they will have the know-how and the tools to replace the tire.

Otherwise, you can change a bike tire at home fairly easily, and for less than a price! 

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Walmart Auto Care Centers do offer services that change a variety of tires for your vehicles and equipment. Types of tires you can get changed in-store include RV, ATV, and dependant on location, lawnmowers.

However, for tire changes that are not serviced, you can still purchase the replacement tire at Walmart, either in-store or online, and change it yourself! 

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