Walmart Tire Warranty Explained (Warranty Length, What’s Covered + More)

Walmart stocks several popular tire brands at competitive prices! With such a selection available, you will definitely find what is right for you.

But when you find the perfect tire, you want it to last! That is where knowing Walmart’s tire warranty comes in handy.  To find out more about Walmart’s helpful warranty, just keep reading!

Walmart Tire Warranty

Walmart has two tire warranty plans. The Walmart Road Hazard Warranty ($40 per car/$10 per tire) covers flat tires and general wear and tear for the lifetime of the tires. The Walmart Lifetime Balance Tire Warranty ($56 per car) covers tire balancing or tire rotation services.

Additionally, either of these warranties can be purchased for your entire car or per tire when getting tires installed at Walmart’s Auto Care Centers.

To find out the benefits of each warranty plan, keep reading! 

What Is The Lifetime Balance Plan Warranty For Tires At Walmart?

This plan will have you covered for the entire lifespan of the Walmart tires!

It costs approximately $40 – $56 per car (depending on your state) and will cover any tire balancing or tire rotation services needed for free following the initial payment.  

This warranty plan is very helpful for maintaining the health of your tires and is available to purchase alongside Walmart’s tires at any Walmart Tire & Lube Express store.

What Is The Road Hazard Warranty For Tires At Walmart?

The Road Hazard warranty plan is also approximately $56 per car, or $14 per individual tire, and covers the maintenance of the tires.

This warranty plan specifically covers unforeseen road hazards damaging the tires and general wear and tear over time!

The plan consequently offers you flat tire repairs or a free replacement of non-repairable tires within the first 25% of tread wear. 

Additionally, the Road Hazard Warranty is upheld at all Walmart Tire & Lube Express locations nationwide.

What Is The Difference Between The Tire Warranties At Walmart?

From our research, we have discovered that both warranty plans last for the duration of the tire’s life span and are similarly priced at $40 – $56 per car (4 tires).  

Walmart recommends purchasing both warranty plans for your tires, though ultimately, the customer has the final decision within this.

They suggest that the Lifetime Balance plan is a more fundamental and basic tire need in terms of actually fitting the tires, whereas the Road Hazard warranty plan will cover any tire damages sustained over time.  

How Long Does Walmart’s Tire Lifetime Balance Plan Warranty Last?

This plan will last for the duration of the Walmart tire (estimated 25,000-mile life span for tires) that it has been purchased with until you decide you no longer want to use the tire, or you choose to purchase a different or replacement tire.

How Long Does The Road Hazard Warranty At Walmart Last?

This plan covers the life span of the Walmart tire that the warranty is bought with until the customer decides to change the tire completely (estimated 25,000-mile life span for tires).  

What Is Covered In Walmart’s Road Hazard Warranty For Tires?

What Is Covered In Walmart's Road Hazard Warranty For Tires 

This plan is generally viewed as an ‘add on’ or ‘extra’ warranty in relation to the Lifetime Balance Plan for Walmart tires.

This plan is great for those who tend to stick with the same tires for longer time periods, as this warranty provides a repair service if the tire can be fixed or a replacement tire if it can’t be. 

Additionally, this warranty protects your tires against general wear and tear, including damages caused by potholes. 

How Do You File A Walmart Tire Warranty Claim In Person?

If you have not previously scheduled an appointment over the phone, you can schedule an appointment in person by visiting your local Walmart auto care center.

There is a possibility that they will serve you then and there, but this depends on staff availability and how busy it is, so be prepared to simply schedule an appointment for the future.   

What Is Walmart’s Return And Exchange Policy For Tires?

If you do not have a warranty that covers your tires, you can return an unused tire from Walmart within 90 days of the initial purchase date.

You must provide your receipt and any original tags, though whether the return is accepted is at the staff’s discretion and, therefore, can differ from store to store.  

Under Walmart’s Road Hazard warranty, your purchased tires are eligible for an exchange and/or repair if they have been damaged. 

What Can You Do If Walmart Denies Your Tire Warranty Claim?

If Walmart denies a claim that you have made under your tire warranty plan, then there are external services available to help you appeal it.

You may find it useful to use these external services, such as DoNotPay, but you can also appeal the decision by sending further evidence of damage or explaining your situation in more detail. This can be done in person or over the phone. 

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In summary, Walmart offers two warranty plans that help protect and maintain the health of your tires.

Both of these warranties are similarly priced, yet they offer slightly different services, with the Lifetime Balance plan covering the more fundamental fittings of the tires. The Road Hazard warranty protects the tires from any damages that occur. 

These warranties last for the duration of the lifespan that the purchased tires have and are available to be claimed at any Walmart auto care center or Walmart Tire & Lube Express! 

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