Does Walmart Take Old Tires? (All You Need To Know)

Old tires have to be disposed of differently from your regular garbage and junk because these can be toxic to the environment if left in landfills.

Since Walmart offers a range of services related to the purchase and maintenance of tires at most of its outlets, you may be wondering: does Walmart take old tires? Here is what I’ve found out!

Does Walmart Take Old Tires?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not take old tires for recycling or disposal at any Tire and Lube Express or Auto Care Center. However, when getting tires installed at Walmart Auto Care Centers, the old tires may be disposed of for a certain fee which varies from each state. 

If you want to learn more about how to dispose of old tires at Walmart, what other services and stores accept old tires, and much more, keep on reading!

Does Walmart Take Old Tires For Free?

Walmart does not take old tires for free at any of its Auto Care or Tire and Lube Express Centers. 

Additionally, customers will have to pay an additional disposal fee for giving old tires to Walmart if they are buying a new set of tires or getting any kind of tire maintenance done from their center.

Additionally, customers can stay on the lookout for Walmart’s Fall Cleanup Tire Event which is held every year around September. 

Moreover, you can contact the tire manufacturer and ask whether they have a tire-recycling program in which they take back old tires through mail or pick-up.

Finally, another way to dispose of your old tires for free is to search for a ‘Tire Amnesty Day’ that is run by various communities.

If you happen to find one near you, you can take your old tires to that community on the specified date and have them dispose of the tires free of any charge. 

What Is The Tire Disposal Fee At Walmart?

What Is The Tire Disposal Fee At Walmart?

Walmart charges a tire disposal fee when new tires are installed which will vary from each state.

You should contact a nearby store using the Walmart Store Finder to find out how much they charge for disposing of old tires.

Where Else Can You Dispose Of Old Tires?

If a nearby Walmart does not have an Auto Care or Tire and Lube Express Center, you can try out the following options for disposing of your old tires:

  • Contact the tire’s manufacturer and ask them if they have a tire-return program through which they collect and recycle old tires
  • Contact your town’s waste disposal department and ask them if you can bring your old tires in for disposal at any location
  • Contact 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and request them to pick up your old tires. They will collect any kind of tire and deliver these to a recycling facility for a small fee.
  • Visit to find a nearby facility that recycles tires and delivers your old tires to them directly

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Unfortunately, Walmart does not take old tires at Auto Care or Tire and Lube Express Centers.

However, you can look out for Walmart’s annual ‘Fall Cleanup Tire Event’ that takes place around September and give in your old tires.

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