Does Walmart Deliver Prescriptions? (All You Need to Know)

Walmart Pharmacy offers many services including primary health care, Pet Rx, and medication management.

However, there are times when it’s not possible to visit the Pharmacy in person. So, if you’ve ever wondered whether Walmart delivers prescriptions, read on for the details!

Does Walmart Deliver Prescriptions In [currentyear]?

Walmart does deliver prescriptions through the Pharmacy Home Delivery program, via First Class US mail in [currentyear]. Standard shipping is free, and urgent delivery costs $8 for 2-day service and $15 for next-day service. Walmart accepts insurance and self-pay, but customers can only pay with credit cards for the prescription delivery service.

If you want to know more about Walmart’s prescription delivery service, how to set it up, and how long it takes, carry on reading for all the information you need!

Does Walmart Have Home Delivery for Prescriptions?

Walmart does deliver prescriptions through its Pharmacy Home Delivery program.

This is a convenient service for people who need recurring medication refills, and for seniors who may not be very mobile outside the home.

The program accepts payment for prescriptions with insurance or self-pay if the customer doesn’t have insurance

Also, if the customer’s insurance charges a co-payment, it will be applicable to the payment as well.

How Do I Set up Home Delivery for Prescriptions From Walmart?

Walmart’s Pharmacy Home Delivery program can be set up by phone by calling 1-800-2REFILL.

However, customers should be aware that credit cards are the only accepted form of payment for Walmart’s Pharmacy Home Delivery service.

How Much Does Walmart Charge for Home Delivery of Prescriptions?

One of the benefits of the Walmart Pharmacy Home Delivery service is the low cost of shipping.

Customers can get free standard shipping on all prescription medication deliveries from Walmart.

For urgent orders, there is a 2-day delivery service for a flat rate of $8, and next-day service for $15.

To confirm the delivery and pricing on options available at your local Walmart, it’s best to call the store. You can find the contact information for your local Walmart on the website.

How Long Does Walmart’s Home Delivery Take for Prescriptions?

How Long Does Walmart’s Home Delivery Take for Prescriptions?

Prescriptions are usually shipped via first class US mail, and arrive within 7 to 10 business days.

However, there are times when you need medications more quickly, and can’t wait that long. Luckily, Walmart also offers urgent 2-day delivery for $8, and overnight delivery for $15. 

If you need medications on the same day, you can also use the DoorDash delivery service from Sam’s Club, which is a unit of Walmart.

Are All Prescriptions Eligible for Home Delivery From Walmart?

Unfortunately, not all prescriptions are eligible for the Walmart Pharmacy Home Delivery service. You can call the toll-free number to find out if your medications are eligible.

Most commonly used on-going maintenance medications are eligible for home delivery.

Does DoorDash Deliver Prescriptions From Walmart?

For customers who need their prescription medications right away, Walmart has partnered with DoorDash, the home delivery service.

As of [currentyear], DoorDash offers same-day delivery of prescriptions from Sam’s Club, the membership-based warehouse club which is a unit of Walmart.

This service is available at 500 Sam’s Club locations around the country, and you can call the pharmacy at Sam’s Club to place your order.

Further, even though you normally have to be a member to shop there, the membership requirement is waived for prescription delivery from Sam’s Club.

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Walmart does offer home delivery of prescription medications, using free standard shipping via first class US mail. Urgent delivery is available and costs $8 for 2-day delivery, and $15 for next day delivery.

You can also get same day delivery of prescriptions via the DoorDash delivery service from Sam’s Club, which is a unit of Walmart.

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