Does Walmart Deliver To Australia? (No, But Here’s How) 

Walmart is an American multibillion-dollar retailer that sells around 35 million products through its online marketplace at reasonably low prices.

If you live in Australia, you may have wondered whether you can buy something from Walmart US online and get it delivered directly to your local address in Australia. Here is everything that I’ve found out about this!

Does Walmart Deliver To Australia?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not deliver to Australia. To ship Walmart items to Australia from the Walmart U.S., you will have to use an international package-forwarding service like UPS, Planet Express, FedEx, or DHL, which can cost anywhere from $15 – $100+.

To find out more about how you can ship Walmart items to Australia from the U.S. and what alternatives you can find in Australia, keep on reading!

Why Doesn’t Walmart Ship To Australia?

Walmart does not ship to Australia because Walmart online does not provide shipping services to any location outside the U.S.

Therefore, anyone wanting to receive Walmart items in Australia will need to have these shipped from the U.S. through international package forwarding companies (see below).

How Can You Ship Walmart Goods From The U.S To Australia?

You can follow these 4 steps to ship Walmart goods to Australia from the U.S. successfully:

1. Choose a package-forwarding company.

The most reliable package shipping companies include the likes of FedEx, DHL, Planet Express, UPS, and the United States Postal Service (USPS). 

Depending on the provider, the prices of forwarding products to Australia can cost anywhere from $15 – $100+ (AUD), depending on the size and weight of the item.

So in some cases, the money you might save will actually be eaten up by the delivery, so this is something to be aware of before doing so.

2. Send the package to the shipping warehouse in the U.S.

The next step is to ensure you send the purchased item from to the nominated address for the forwarding company.

When signing up for a package-forwarding company, they will give you detailed instructions on where to send the product and who to address it to.

3. Note down the package’s tracking number. 

Both the sender and the recipient of the package should monitor the delivery using the tracking number provided by the shipping company when the order was placed.

This tracking number will be particularly important if the package gets lost at any point in transit en route to Australia and you want to track where it currently is.

4. Receive (or pick up) the package in Australia.

If it’s simply a delivery to your home address in Australia, make sure someone is available to pick it up during the expected delivery timings. The recipient will have to sign a receipt to confirm that they have received the package. 

However, if a delivery cannot be made to a home address in Australia, the recipient of the package may have to pick it up at a local courier (such as at a local Australia Post store). 

What Is The Australian Equivalent Of Walmart?

Although Australia does not have a supermarket chain that operates at such a vast scale as Walmart does, K-Mart, Target, Big-W, and Costco are the closest alternatives you will find locally in Australia.

Another alternative for Walmart in Australia is to shop online at In most cases, the items are stocked and shipped from Australia, but there are also some cheaper products to be found on the US version of the platform.

To learn more, you can see my other guides on where Walmart ships from, if Walmart ships to PO boxes, and if Walmart US ships to Canada. Additionally, don’t forget to see our post on whether or not Walmart is coming to Australia.


If you are determined to ship Walmart items from the US to an address in Australia, in the modern world, with the variety of shipping forwarding companies available, you can definitely do so.

However, make sure you take into consideration all of the costs involved in shipping Walmart items to Australia from the USA. Even if you find a cheaper shipping option, it may still cost you a considerable amount of money!

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