Does Walmart US Ship To Canada? [Full Guide]

In some cases, it can actually be cheaper to buy items from Walmart US when compared to the Canadian Walmart.

Because of this, you might be wondering whether or not Walmart US ships products across the border to Canada? Here is what I discovered!

Does Walmart US Ship to Canada?

Unfortunately, Walmart US does not ship to Canada or any Canadian territories. Currently, Walmart US only ships to 50 American States and US territories. However, customers in Canada can get items shipped internationally from by using third-party shipping providers (charges apply).

But what does this mean for Canadian customers? In this article, we will go over Walmart’s shipping policy and what to do if you are an international customer looking to order items online.

Where Does US Walmart Ship To?

Although US Walmart does not ship to Canada, they do ship to several locations and location types.

If you are ordering using any of these addresses, be sure to have your delivery location match your billing location to avoid a potential hold-up in the delivery process. The following is a list of places Walmart delivers to:

  • 50 United States
  • APO and FPO military addresses
  • American Samoa
  • Guam
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • Puerto Rico
  • S. Virgin Islands

Walmart works with various US territories and delivers to addresses located in them. You should not use Walmart for online delivery if you do not live in one of those areas.

Canadians should shop domestically when choosing Walmart. You will be able to use domestic delivery options if you are in a non-US location.

How To Get Items From US Walmart Shipped To Canada

How To Get Items From US Walmart Shipped To Canada

If you are still adamant about getting an item from Walmart US shipped to Canada. Customers can actually utilize third-party shipping services that re-route the item from the US to your location.

While these services do work and open up a whole new world of products from Walmart to international shoppers.

The price of shipping usually cancels out the savings a customer might receive. So it is best to be aware of hiked-up shipping charges before using these services.

Alternatives For Canadians

Aside from domestic delivery, Canadians should also take advantage of Walmart pickup. Orders of $25 or more will have free handling, while orders under $25 will have a $5 handling fee.

Perishable products, items over 350 pounds, items containing hazardous materials, and items sold by a Walmart Marketplace Seller are not eligible.

For those looking to use shipping options, standard rates do apply. A $5.97 shipping fee and a $5 order handling fee on orders under $25.

A $5.97 shipping fee for orders over $25, and free shipping and handling for orders over $35 when using the at-home delivery option for Canadian stores.

Shipping rates vary based on the requested service. Next-day and expedited shipping options are available. Depending on size and distance, some items may take 3 to 6 weeks to deliver.

What Items Can You Not Ship From Walmart?

While Walmart tries to ship all the items it possibly can, there are some things that can’t be shipped.

  • Food
  • Flowers
  • Items containing alcohol
  • Beverages
  • Items containing hazardous materials through express shipping

Restrictions limit the products available for delivery through Walmart. Do not use shipping for food items or flowers, items such as these should be bought in-store or ordered for pick up.

Items containing hazardous materials cannot be shipped express or through the air. Items with hazardous materials will be done through ground shipping.

Along with food items, beverages are also not eligible for delivery unless done with a 3rd part courier. Items containing alcohol are also restricted due to age restrictions and hazards.

You should also avoid ordering items that weigh over 350 pounds, items that exceed this weight must be bought and picked up in the store.

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Walmart does not ship internationally from US stores to Canada. Walmart delivers to US territories and locations such as all 50 US states, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, APO and FPO military addresses, and America-Samoa.

If you are Canadian, shop domestically and make sure you are not using US Walmarts.

Take advantage of Walmart pickup and domestic at-home delivery options in Canada. Keep in mind that food, beverages, flowers, items containing hazardous materials, and alcohol are all permitted from being shipped.

Standard shipping and handling rates apply to your orders depending on the size and price of your order.

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