Does Walmart Replace Serpentine, Timing & Fan Belts? (Guide)

In this day and age, we rely on our cars for so many important things from work to family gatherings, and therefore it is fundamental that our cars are safe and in good condition!

So if you need to replace serpentine, timing, and fan belts, or simply want some peace of mind, you may be wondering if Walmart replaces them. Here is what I discovered!

Does Walmart Replace Serpentine Belts?

Walmart does replace serpentine belts at some Auto Care Centers. The price can range from $150 – $200 for replacing the serpentine belt, which includes the belt and labor. It is recommended to call your local Walmart Auto Care Center beforehand to see if the store offers this service.

Read on to find out if Walmart replaces Timing and Fan Belts!

Does Walmart Replace Timing Belts?

Like Serpentine belts, timing belts are replaceable at Walmart’s Auto Care Centers when taking in your automobile for service.

As for the price, it seems that each Walmart location that we called has different prices. But typically, for a car brand like Toyota, Honda, or Nissan, the price was around $500 – $1000.

Additionally, if you wish to have your timing belt replaced for free under a warranty, it is worth looking at product descriptions before purchasing to find out the warranty details. 

Does Walmart Replace Fan Belts?

Walmart will happily exchange and replace a faulty fan belt within the allocated 30-day warranty period!

It is not clear whether Walmart’s Auto Care Center will manually replace this and install it for you, as services differ slightly from store to store!

We recommend phoning your local Auto Care Center to explain your situation and ask for a price quote; you can find your local Walmart automotive repair shop here.

How Do I Claim A Replacement Service At Walmart For Automobile Goods Under A Warranty?

To claim a replacement service at Walmart under a warranty, you will need to phone a Walmart Tire & Lube Express to book an appointment! You may have your call forwarded to Walmart’s auto care center which will also provide you with the necessary service. 

Alternatively, you can request to schedule an appointment in-store if that is easier for you! Only Walmart stores with an Auto Care Center will likely be able to handle this request for you.

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To summarize, Walmart offers replacement serpentine, timing, and fan belts under their warranties and will likely be able to manually install these at their automotive care workshops for you. If you do not have a warranty, you will be required to pay a fee depending on the state of the vehicle. 

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