Does Walmart Resize Rings? [Cost, Sizing, Time, Types + More!]

No matter what you need, Walmart probably has it in stock, even including rings! But buying a ring isn’t always straightforward.

As well as the style and price of the ring, you’ll also need to think about the size. If you end up with one that’s too big or too small, you might find yourself wondering: does Walmart resize rings? Here’s everything you need to know.

Does Walmart Resize Rings? 

Walmart does resize rings that have been purchased from Walmart only. However, Walmart does not offer an in-store, while-you-wait resizing service. Walmart will instead send your ring to a third-party specialist, which can take up to 3 weeks. Pricing can range from $20-$150 per ring.

But does that mean you can get any ring resized at Walmart? Read on to find out what types of rings Walmart will resize, as well as how long the service takes, how much it costs, and more! 

How Much Does It Cost To Resize A Ring At Walmart?

That actually depends on the type of ring as well as the extent of the resizing.

For a simple ring, for example, if you only want to go up or down by half a band size, then the cost will be between $30- $50.

But for a more complex resizing or a more intricate ring, then it could cost between $50 and $150. 

Can I Get Any Ring Resized At Walmart?

Not all rings can be resized. In fact, jewelers can only resize rings made of metal materials, such as gold or platinum. In contrast, rings made from other materials such as silicone, wood, and ceramic, cannot be resized.

It is also not possible to resize rings with gemstones set around the entire band.

How Long Does Ring Resizing Take At Walmart? 

That depends on the type of ring you want to get resized and how difficult it is to alter. You will also have to factor in the amount of time it takes for the ring to be sent off and returned by the third-party service. 

However, since ring resizing can take as little as an hour or less, you may not have to wait too long.

In any case, no matter what type of ring you want to be resized, it should be returned to your local Walmart within three weeks. 

Will Walmart Resize Rings From Other Stores?

No, Walmart will not resize a ring that you purchased at a different store. They will only resize rings that have been purchased from Walmart, whether in-store or online.

How Can You Measure Your Ring Size At Home?

If you want to buy a ring and would rather not have to get it resized, you can always measure your ring size at home.

You can purchase easy-to-use ring sizer tools on Walmart’s website for less than $10, which are sold and shipped by third parties. You cannot purchase these tools in Walmart’s physical stores.

What Types Of Rings Does Walmart Sell? 

Will Walmart Resize Rings From Other Stores?

Walmart stocks an impressive range of rings, including engagement rings, diamond rings, rings for men, and rings from brands including Calvin Klein and Thomas Sabo.

They range in price but are mostly very affordable, with the cheapest rings starting from less than $15. 

However, while Walmart used to have dedicated jewelry departments in all of its physical stores, many of these have been taken out in recent years.

The decision to remove the jewelry sections from Walmart’s stores was taken in areas where there was insufficient demand for the products on offer.

In stores where there is no jewelry department, the jewelry is stocked on racks and in spinner displays. 

If you are planning a wedding and already have your rings organized, you might be interested in wedding cakes, which Walmart sells!

Additionally, Walmart also engraves rings and does ear piercings, which is a wonderful way of making a wedding day even more special.

Lastly, if you have purchased a wedding ring from Walmart and are not happy with the quality or size, you can read our guide on the Walmart jewelry return policy to see if you can get a refund.


Walmart will resize a ring that was purchased in one of its own stores or on It will not resize rings that were bought elsewhere or ones that are made of non-metal materials.

To make use of their ring resizing service, you will have to take your ring into a Walmart store, and it can cost between $20 and $150. 

While the time it takes to get a ring resized does vary, your ring will be ready to collect from the store you dropped it off at within three weeks. 

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