Does Walmart Engrave Rings, Jewelry & Dog Tags? [All You Need To Know!]

The huge selection of products on offer from Walmart includes eye-catching jewelry and pet supplies.

But, if you want to get products that are truly unique, you might be wondering whether Walmart engraves rings, jewelry, and even dog tags. Here is what I discovered!

Does Walmart Engrave Rings, Jewelry & Dog Tags?

Walmart can engrave rings, jewelry, and dog tags. However, this service is only offered online at To get an item engraved by Walmart, customers have to choose from a selection that is eligible for personalization online. The price of engraving from Walmart is free and is built into the price of the item.

So how can you get rings, jewelry, and dog tags engraved at Walmart? This is everything you need to know.

How Do I Get Rings and Jewelry Engraved At Walmart?

You can get rings and jewelry engraved when shopping online at However, not all rings and jewelry are eligible for this customization feature.

Additionally, you will have to select from the selection of jewelry that has a specified personalization option.

To do this, go to the Personalized Jewelry page on the Walmart website. From here, you can search for the perfect product from the wide range that is eligible for engraving, including:

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Class rings
  • Wedding rings
  • Earrings
  • Anklets
  • Military Tags

Once you have clicked into a category, find and select the product you want to engrave and ensure you have selected the “customize” option.

From here, you will then be asked to input the words you want to be engraved before you check out.

How Else Can I Personalize Rings And Jewelry At Walmart?

Other personalization options aside from engraving are available for select jewelry items on the Walmart website. You can, for example, choose to get birthstones inset into your ring of choice!

You can also get charm necklaces and bracelets that spell out a person’s name or initials and necklaces that are shaped into a person’s name.

How Do I Get Dog Tags Engraved At Walmart?

How Do I Get Dog Tags Engraved At Walmart?

The process for getting a dog tag engraved at Walmart is very similar to the process for getting jewelry and rings engraved.

Simply find the dog tag you want on the Walmart website, ensure it is available for engraving, and personalize it before checking out!

How Long Does It Take To Get An Item Engraved At Walmart?

That depends on a couple of things.

Firstly, it will depend on the product itself and how difficult it is to customize. Secondly, engraving times will tend to vary based on the company that is fulfilling the order.

Typically, many of the items eligible for engraving on the Walmart website are made, personalized, and shipped to you by third parties.

Generally speaking, though, it will take around three working days for an engraved item to be completed when ordered through Walmart.

Bear in mind that some could take up to three or even four weeks, though! So always check the product description to get a better idea of how long personalization will take.

For more jewelry accessories, you can also see my post on getting your ears pierced at Walmart.

How Much Does Engraving Cost At Walmart?

The price of engraving an item will already be built into its cost, and this will be clearly listed with the product on the Walmart website.

This is because the items you can get engraved are from a pre-selected range that is intended for personalization. So, when selecting that item for engraving, you will not be charged an additional fee.

Can I Modify My Personalized Jewelry Order?

Unfortunately, once you have reviewed and confirmed an order, including personalized rings, jewelry, or dog tags on the Walmart website, you cannot modify or cancel it. This is because that product is unique to you.

So, it is advised that you input your personalization carefully and ensure you check your order before finalizing your purchase.

If you are looking to give an engraved ring as a gift, you might also be interested in Walmarts gift wrapping service, and also Walmart’s ring resizing service.

Additionally, if you have purchased a piece of jewelry from Walmart and are unsatisfied, you can view the Walmart jewelry return policy to get a full refund or store credit.


Yes, Walmart offers a huge selection of rings, jewelry, and dog tags that are eligible for engraving and other forms of personalization.

However, you can only get an item personalized through Walmart on their website. To do so, simply find the item you want to get engraved, ensure that it is eligible for the service, and input your personalization before you check out.

Make sure you do this as carefully as possible. Once you have placed an order for a personalized item, it cannot be canceled, modified, or returned.

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