Does Walmart Sell Lowe’s Gift Cards?

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for a D.I.Y enthusiast, the Lowes Gift Card is a great option.

With just 1,727 Lowes stores compared to the 4,700+ Walmart stores, you may wish to make your purchase at the local Walmart, but do they sell Lowe’s Gift Cards?

Does Walmart Sell Lowe’s Gift Cards?

Walmart does not sell Lowe’s Gift Cards either in-store or online as Lowe’s is a competing store. Customers can, however, purchase Visa Gift Cards from Walmart that can be used at Lowe’s. Additionally, customers can buy Lowe’s Gift Cards at Kroger, Walgreens, Dollar General, and Food Lion. 

If you’d like to discover alternative home improvement Gift Card options at Walmart or which retailers sell Lowe’s Gift Cards, keep on reading!

Alternative Home Improvement Gift Cards Available At Walmart

You can find many alternative Gift Cards suitable to spend at home improvement retailers; let’s look at the options.

The Sam’s Club Gift Card is an excellent alternative for any craftsperson. Your recipient will have access to various flooring styles, home improvement essentials, interior, and exterior furniture, and plenty of other renovation materials.

Walmart Gift Cards are also a great alternative for anyone working on renovation projects.

You’ll have access to a wide variety of home improvement appliances, tools, furniture, materials, and much more.

Not only can the Walmart Gift Card be personalized to suit any occasion, but it can also be used at any Walmart store or online.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Sell Lowe’s Gift Cards?

To encourage customers to favor Walmart, the company is constantly expanding its merchandise and services into hardware and tool.

To maintain growth, Walmart does not sell Gift Cards for other chain retailers, especially Lowe’s, which is a direct competitor to Walmart’s home improvement department.

Where Can I Buy Lowes Gift Cards Instead?

If you’re still keen to purchase a Lowe’s Gift Card, there are plenty of other U.S. retailers that sell them; these include Kroger, Walgreens, Dollar General, CVS Pharmacy, Target, and Food Lion.

For this same reason, Walmart also does not sell Costco or Best Buy Gift Cards. 

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