Does Walmart Take Used Oil & Used Oil Filters? (Guide To Returning Oil)

Used oil and oil filters can be harmful to the environment and so must be handled and disposed of properly.

Since Walmart offers oil and filter change services at its Auto Care Centers, you may be wondering if Walmart takes used oil & used oil filters. Here is what I’ve found through my research!

Does Walmart Take Used Oil & Used Oil Filters?

Walmart stores that have Auto Care Centers will take used oil and oil filters for free. You can give up to 5 gallons of non-contaminated motor oil every day. Alternatively, you can also give used oil and filters to AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts.

If you want to know more about how to give used oil and oil filters to Walmart, where else you can dispose of used oil and filters, and much more, keep on reading!

What Type Of Oil Does Walmart Take?

Walmart will take any type of motor oil at its Auto Care Centers for disposal and recycling, regardless of the brand or whether it was bought from Walmart.

Note that Walmart will not accept oils and fluids other than motor oils such as brake fluid, power steering fluid, and radiator fluid.

Additionally, the motor oil you bring must not be contaminated by any of these fluids for it to be accepted by Walmart for disposal.

Does Walmart Charge Any Fees For Accepting Used Oil & Oil Filters?

No, Walmart locations do not charge any disposal fees for used oil and oil filters.

How Can You Return Used Oil & Oil Filters To Walmart?

To return used oil and oil filters to Walmart, you should visit a Walmart store with an Auto Care Center (you can use the Walmart store finder) during its open hours.

Once you have found a store, head over to the Auto Care Center and ask the employee if you want to give some used oil and an oil filter for disposal.

The employee will make you sign a form about the used oil you are returning and collect the containers and oil filters from you. 

Additionally, you will not be allowed to dump the oil in the store’s used oil storage yourself since employees will first screen your used oil to make sure it is not contaminated by any other liquid.

How Much Used Oil Does Walmart Take For Disposal?

How Much Used Oil Does Walmart Take For Disposal?

Walmart will take up to 5 gallons of used oil for disposal from one person on a single day. If you have more oil to dispose of, you can bring it in on the following day.

Where Else Can You Dispose Of Used Oil & Oil Filters?

If your local Walmart does not have an Auto Care Center (and so will not dispose of your used oil and filter), you can head over to any nearby automotive service station, repair facility, or quick lube center since most of these will accept your used oil.

Additionally, you can visit any Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone location near you since these always take used oil and filters for disposal.

Another useful option is to call 1(800)-CLEANUP or visit Earth911 and enter your zip code to find nearby facilities that will dispose of your used motor oil and filters for you.

What Else Can You Do With Used Oil?

Used oil cannot be disposed of with your normal garbage because it is an environmental hazard at landfill sites. Fortunately, you can do a lot more with used motor oil than just dispose of it through facilities like Walmart.

Here is a list of things you can do with used motor oil:

Clean and soften leather goods

You can apply a thin coating of used oil to a leather shoe and stretch the shoe out for up to 15 minutes before using a rag to remove the coating of oil to make the shoe clean and shiny.

Emergency heating

Oil can be burnt to produce heat, so in case you are stuck in freezing conditions without any power, you can burn the used motor oil to create heat and keep yourself warm.

Protect garden and lawn tools

Over time, wooden tools such as rakes that you might use in your garden will start to decompose and splinter. You can apply a thin coating of used motor oil to protect the wood from doing so.

Additionally, you can apply used motor oil to hardware like bolts since these tend to start rusting quickly. If you cover the surface with motor oil, the hardware will stay sturdy for longer.

Lubricate household equipment

Motor oil is essentially a lubricant, so you can apply it to door hinges, grill hinges, and other surfaces around the home if you need an extra bit of lubrication.

However, make sure to not use it for chains (such as bicycles and chainsaw ones) since these require a different kind of lubricating oil.

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Walmart does indeed take used oil and used oil filters at all locations that have an Auto Care Center. You do not have to pay any fees for doing so and can give up to 5 gallons of motor oil every day. Note that the motor oil must not be contaminated with other types of oils and fluids.

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