Does Wendy’s Have Milkshakes? (All You Need To Know)

Wendy’s is a fast-food chain that operates mainly in North America and is a top-ten food chain restaurant in the US. With that, Wendy’s serves hamburgers, chicken, French fries, and beverages. 

If you love Wendy’s, you may have wondered if it serves milkshakes and whether they taste good or not. I answer this question and more, so keep reading!

Does Wendy’s Have Milkshakes In [currentyear]?

Wendy’s has two milkshake flavors available; vanilla and chocolate, as of [currentyear]. While Wendy’s doesn’t call them “milkshakes,” it offers what the company calls Frostys – a frozen drink made with soft-serve ice cream and topped with whipped cream. The Frosty is one of the most popular items on Wendy’s menu and has been around since 1969.

If you’d like to learn more about Wendy’s Frosty, what flavors are available, and what it tastes like, then keep on reading!

What Is The Wendy’s Frosty?

Wendy’s offers a Frosty milkshake, a vanilla soft serve treat halfway between a milkshake and an ice cream float.

That said, it has a thicker consistency and is more like an actual Frosty (vanilla soft serve ice cream) than a shake.

Moreover, the Frosty has been around since 1969 and was one of the first products ever served at Wendy’s restaurants.

Made from custard, sugar, flavoring, and other ingredients that vary by location, the creamy treat was originally only available in chocolate but now comes in vanilla.

What Flavor Is Wendy’s Frosty?

There are two types of Frostys: chocolate and vanilla. Further, they are made with milk, sugar, and cocoa.

Then, these ingredients are combined in a machine and frozen to create a soft frozen treat that has almost a solid consistency of ice cream but can be consumed as a milkshake.

Is The Frosty A Milkshake Or Ice Cream?

Wendy’s Frosty is a milkshake-like treat, but it’s not quite a milkshake—it’s more like an ice cream shake.

For example, it has the consistency of soft serve, but it doesn’t taste like any particular flavor of ice cream.

Further, the company website describes it as “a signature treat that blends cool, creamy chocolate and vanilla flavors.” In other words, Frosty is a bit of both.

Also, it’s the perfect consistency for scooping up with French fries (or even chicken nuggets).

Does The Frosty Taste Good?

Does The Frosty Taste Good? Wendy's

After going through several review sites, the Frosty tastes good in general, and you won’t have any issues if you’d like to try it out.

Can You Drink A Wendy’s Frosty?

The Wendy’s Frosty is not a beverage, but I’m not sure it can be considered a dessert either; it’s somewhere in between.

With that, you can drink a Frosty by using a straw, but it’s not ideal. Rather, the best way to drink it is by eating it with a spoon.

It’s like an ice cream version of a milkshake, slightly thicker than a  normal milkshake but can also be consumed with a spoon, just like ice cream.

What Are Wendy’s Frosty’s Made From?

According to the fast-food chain, five main ingredients go into a Frosty: vanilla flavor, water, corn syrup, sugar, and cream.

However, each part of this tasty treat has a unique method of preparation that makes it stand out from other milkshakes or ice creams.

A Frosty is made with a few simple ingredients, but when these ingredients are whipped up in a mixer, a delightfully smooth and creamy dessert can be eaten with a spoon or dipped into fries.

Does Wendy’s Have Smoothies?

Wendy’s does not serve any smoothies at any of its locations. However, it has a large selection of beverages to choose from, including juice and soft drinks like Coca-Cola products.

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Wendy’s has a limited selection of shakes. That said, the restaurant’s most popular milkshake is the Frosty, consisting of vanilla soft serve ice cream topped with whipped topping.

Also, the company offers chocolate and vanilla shakes that have an ice cream consistency but can be consumed like a milkshake.

Although Wendy’s doesn’t have many milkshakes, it does have some great-tasting salads and burger combos you can try out.

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