Dog Training Cost PetSmart (Training Types, Pricing + More)

PetSmart has come in handy for dog owners who are passionate about taking care of their pets, as the company offers several products and services deemed essential for caring for such pets.

However, a common question among numerous pets owners has been – how much does it cost to train a dog at PetSmart? Here’s what I discovered!

How Much Does It Cost to Train a Dog at PetSmart In 2024?

Training costs for dogs at PetSmart are dependent on the type of training an owner chooses for their dog. Generally, the company offers an extensive variety of training options that are priced differently based on the training needs. For instance, the Fundamental and Advanced training packages cost $219, while the premium package costs $329 in 2024. 

If you want to find more information on the training costs, the training types available at PetSmart, the pricing for each type, and much more, keep reading!

What Are the Training Types Offered at PetSmart?

The types of dog training at PetSmart are clustered in four categories. These categories include the following:

  1. Packages
  2. Group Classes
  3. Private Classes
  4. Virtual Dog Training
  5. Other Dog Training Classes

These general categories are further divided into subcategories as described below:

1. Packages at PetSmart

The Fundamental Package

This package allows you to choose a Puppy Class, Beginner Class, and Intermediate Class.

If you select any of the choices, the accredited dog trainers at PetSmart work with you and your dog to encourage and reinforce good behavior.

The Advanced Package

This package is well-suited for dogs that have completed the Puppy Training or Beginner Training Class.

The Advanced Package includes a 6-week training in both Intermediate and Advanced Classes.

The training mainly focuses on building consistency and reinforcing good behavior with added distractions.

The Premium Package 

The Premium Package offers the best value for your money since it incorporates Puppy or Beginner Training, Intermediate Training, and Advanced Training.

This package offers overall training that starts with fundamental elements and progresses to problem behaviors and advanced skills.

2. Group Classes

StartSmart Training Workshop

The StartSmart Training Workshop is ideal for dogs that are above 10 weeks old.

This workshop includes a 1-hr hands-on training that offers a head start on potty training, crate training, socialization, and tips on visiting a groomer or a vet.

Puppy Training

The Puppy Training is ideal for dogs that are 10 weeks to 5 months old.

The training encompasses a 6-week introductory that trains the dog-owner how to communicate to the puppy on basic instructions.

The training also covers socialization, and how to prevent common problem behaviors.

Beginner Training 

The Beginner Training is an introductory class that is specially sculpted for dogs that are 5 months and older. It mainly focuses on dogs that have never received any kind of dog training.

The 6-week introductory class trains basic manner with impulse control and relationship building exercises.

Additionally, the training also focuses on redirection techniques, loose-leash walking, as well as picking basic instructions such as “leave it” and “come when called.”

Stress Less Training

The Stress Less Training is a 3-week program specially designed to tackle anxious behaviors related to separation anxiety.

The training allows dogs aged 10 weeks and above, and trains dog owners on techniques of making their dogs feel more confident and secure.

Furthermore, the training also helps dog-owners to discover new products that can make the dogs feel more at ease.

Intermediate Training

Intermediate Training PetSmart

In Intermediate Training, PetSmart trainers offer a 6-week class, where dogs who already understand basic cues achieve the same results in situations involving more duration, distance, and distractions.

It is important to note that this training needs pre-requisite training in puppy and beginner training.

Brain Games Training

The Brain Games Training program is a fun, exciting, and challenging class for dogs of all ages.

The training provides both physical and mental stimulation that helps to improve communication and lessen boredom and hyperactivity while building a stronger bond between the dog and the dog owner.

Although the program requires pre-requisite in intermediate training, dogs will develop skills on how to Read Cue Cards, Color Differentiation, Targeting, and much more.

Advanced Training

The Advanced Training program requires a prerequisite intermediate class and helps strengthen your dog’s behavior to provide faster and more consistent responses and improve reliability in the long run.

The specific areas covered within the 6-weeks training include manners while outdoors, advanced heel with distractions, and much more.

In this class, a graduation diploma is awarded to all participants.

Therapy Dog Training

Therapy Dog Training at PetSmart is a 6-week program that requires a pre-requisite of Advanced training. 

The program offers the parent and their pet the practice skills needed for Therapy Dog Evaluation.

The training helps the dog owner to read the pet’s body language, identify stress signs, and enhance communication & reliability with the dog.

3. Private Classes

Private Training

Private classes provide a setting that comprises the dog, dog owner, and a PetSmart trainer. The program is ideal for dog owners with irregular schedules, or dogs that need special attention.

The advantages of the classes are that the clients receive flexible scheduling, customized curriculum, and more personalized attention.

The pricing depends on the training time. For instance, a 30-minute session costs $45, a 1-hour session costs $89, and a 4-hour training costs $219.

Boot Camp

The Boot Camp presents a one-on-one session for PetsHotel guests only.

When a dog owner visits the company at PetsHotel or Doggie Day Camp, the trainers help the dog to master good behaviors and basic cues.

The sessions are available as a single 30-minute session, a 4- pack, or an 8-pack.

Pricing for the Boot camp is as follows:

  • 30 minutes session – $35
  • (4-pack) 30 minutes session – $120
  • (8-pack) 30 minutes session – $200

4. Virtual Dog Training

Virtual Training- 1 Session

The Virtual Dog training sessions are held online from the comfort of the dog owner’s home at $35.

In this 30-minute program, the trainer will first establish the areas of focus, observe the behaviors of the dog, and introduce one or two new cues.

Virtual Training – 4 Sessions

This Virtual Training (4 Sessions program) is charged at approximately $126 and occurs online.

The training will teach the dog multiple cues, and expose them to different environments with several variations.

The 4 sessions provide enough time for working on unwanted behaviors, and subsequent follow-ups to ensure that the concerns are addressed.

5. Other Dog Training Classes

Other Dog Training Classes include Trick Training, which includes fun activities and playful tricks.

During the 6-week program, the trainer teaches tricks using positive reinforcement, improves the communication between the dog and the dog owner, and enhances the bond.

What Is the Pricing for the Different Types of Training at PetSmart?

The cost of training for the different packages and training options is as follows:

1. Packages

  • Fundamental Package: $219.
  • Advanced Package: $219.
  • Premium Package: $329.

2. Group Classes

  • StartSmart Training Workshop: $25.
  • Puppy Training: $139.
  • Beginner Training: $139.
  • Stress Less Training: $79.
  • Intermediate Training: $139.
  • Brain Games Training: $139.
  • Advanced Training: $139.
  • Therapy Dog Training: $139.

3. Private Classes

  • Private Training: $45 for 30 min., $89 for 1 hr. & $219 for 4 hrs.
  • Boot Camp: $35 for 1 session, $120 for 4 sessions, $200 for 8 sessions.

4. Virtual Dog Training

  • 1 session: $35.
  • 4 sessions: $126.

How Do I Book a Dog Training at PetSmart?

If you need dog training at Pet Smart, you can book the company’s services through the main page at

On the All Services page, click on Training, select the training type you need, and enroll.

You can also choose to call PetSmart Customer services at 1-800-874-7387, and book a class.

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Dog training costs at PetSmart can be as low as $35 and as high as $329, based on the training type and number of sessions.

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