What Is PetSmart? (What Are They Known For, How Are They Different, Type Of Store + More)

PetSmart is known for selling products and services for all types of pets, including cats, dogs, hamsters, fish, and more.

However, if you’ve never heard of PetSmart, you may be wondering what the company is, what it’s known for, and how it stands out from other pet retailers. If you’d like to find out what I learned, keep reading!

What Is PetSmart In [currentyear]?

PetSmart sells a range of animal-based products including food, accessories, and live animals within their stores in [currentyear]. PetSmart has physical stores with services such as pet grooming, pet boarding and day-care for dogs, as well as a website where customers can buy products. Additionally, PetSmart is known for helping to facilitate animal adoptions in stores.

For more information about PetSmart, including how many PetSmart stores there are, what services and products are offered by PetSmart, and more, then keep reading for more facts!

What is PetSmart Known For?

PetSmart is known for selling a range of products and services for animals, as well as small live animals such as fish, hamsters, birds, and more.

The slogan of PetSmart is ‘anything for pets,’ which indicates how they cater to a wide assortment of animals, as well as how they’re willing to help animals.

In addition to domestic cats and dogs, PetSmart also caters for other wildlife, including duck food and bird food.

PetSmart also offers services inside its stores such as pet grooming, doggy day-care, and other veterinary services.

Regular in-store adoption events are also held at PetSmart, as the company works with local animal charities to help dogs and cats be rescued from shelters.

How is PetSmart Different?

PetSmart is different from other retailers, as it prioritizes the welfare of the animals in the care of each store.

On its LinkedIn profile, PetSmart has stated how it wishes to be a trusted partner for both pets and pet parents to create better lives for animals.

As well as selling animals and services for animals, PetSmart is also different because it regularly works with local charities to help animals.

PetSmart also has its own PetSmart Charities that help animals in need by facilitating the adoption of pets, improving access to affordable vet care, and providing access to food and wellness resources for animals.

Working with over 4000 non-profits and governmental entities, PetSmart continually works to improve lives for its animals, indicating that while it operates as a business, the company’s primary goal is to help provide the best care for animals.

Additionally, PetSmart allows animals within its stores, and has since the company launched, which was innovative for the retail industry at the time.

What is Special about PetSmart?

PetSmart can be considered special as it offers affordable and accessible products and services.

As well, the food and pet products offered at PetSmart are competitively priced, and there are regular discounts to encourage customers to purchase their products.

As well as offering products, PetSmart offers a range of services within stores that is rarely offered by competitors.

Additionally, PetSmart offers dog training and puppy classes, as well as pet grooming and boarding for cats and dogs.

Finally, there are also Doggie Day Care services offered at PetSmart for reasonable prices.

How Many PetSmart Stores are There?

How Many PetSmart Stores are There?

Currently, in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, there are around 1600 PetSmart stores in operation as of [currentyear].

The PetSmart website also offers a location finder to enable you to find a PetSmart store close to you.

What Types of PetSmart Stores are There?

Many PetSmart stores will offer the same products within the store layout. However, the services offered by PetSmart, including grooming, training, and boarding, will differ from location to location.

To find out what services your local PetSmart offers, it’s recommended to contact the store and speak to an associate.

When was PetSmart Founded?

PetSmart was founded in 1986 by Jim and Janice Dougherty, and was initially opened as PetFood Warehouse in Arizona and sold bulk pet food at discounted prices.

However, in 1989, the company adopted the name PetSmart and began to transition to a more visually appealing and publicly desirable company.

What is the Mission of PetSmart?

The mission of PetSmart is to help both pets and their owners to live more fulfilled lives. The mission statement of PetSmart is as follows:

‘We believe pets make us better people. That’s why we create more moments for people to be inspired by pets’.

What Services Does PetSmart Offer?

PetSmart offers a range of services within select stores, including grooming, PetsHotel, Doggie Day Camp, Dog Training, and Veterinary Care. These services are listed in more detail below:

1. Grooming

PetSmart offers grooming services for dogs and cats. The price for grooming dogs at PetSmart ranges from $76- $89.99 depending on if the breed of dog is small, medium or large.

The price of grooming cats at PetSmart ranges from $15-$60. Grooming at PetSmart includes bathing, nail clipping, teeth cleaning, and more depending on the package you purchase.

2. PetsHotel and Doggie Day Camp

The PetSmart PetsHotel offers accommodation options for dogs and cats with prices ranging from $15-$41 per day for stays.

Additional facilities such as grooming, one-to-one play and more can be arranged for your pets at the PetSmart PetsHotel for an additional cost.

Additionally, dogs can be boarded at the PetsHotel during the day, with prices starting at $15.

3. Dog Training

PetSmart also offers training classes for both adult dogs and puppies which are run by accredited dog trainers.

Dog training classes can be booked at PetSmart and cost around $119 for 6 weeks of training.

4. Veterinary Care

The Veterinary care offered by PetSmart is through its partner business, Banfield Pet Hospital, which are often situated at different locations.

Banfield Pet Hospital offers Optimum Wellness Plans for dogs and cats which can help towards the cost of care.

What is PetSmart Adoption?

As well as selling smaller animals within the store, PetSmart allows customers to adopt dogs and cats within its stores.

PetSmart hosts regular adoption events and works closely with animal charities and shelters to help rehome animals.

In fact, over 9 million animals have been rehomed with the help of PetSmart as of [currentyear].

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PetSmart is a retail store that offers products and services for animals. Pet food, accessories, treats, bedding, and additional supplies can also be purchased from PetSmart for dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and other animals.

As well as selling products, PetSmart also offers services in select stores including boarding for cats and dogs, grooming, and training classes.

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