Domino’s Slogan (What Is It, History + More)

Domino’s is one of the top pizza companies in the world, with nearly 20,000 locations worldwide and a recent history of success in the uncertain business world.

Because most large restaurant chains have a catchy slogan, you may wonder- what is Domino’s slogan? Well, this article will tell you all you need to know, so keep reading!

What Is Domino’s Official Slogan in 2024?

The official slogan of the Domino’s company, which you may see anywhere from commercials to repaired road potholes, is “Oh Yes We Did” in 2024. The slogan represents Domino’s innovations, from pizza to app technology to new delivery methods. The slogan has been in use since 2009 when CEO Patrick Doyle decided to start making important changes at the company.

Keep reading to find out more about Domino’s slogan, including when the slogan was changed, where it came from, and other useful facts!

When Did Domino’s Slogan Change?

The new “Oh Yes We Did” slogan and campaign were first used at Domino’s in December of 2009 after Patrick Doyle became the company’s new CEO.

In fact, the slogan was used in a documentary called “The Pizza Turnaround.”

Where Did Domino’s Slogan Come From?

The story of Domino’s slogan is one that involves a struggling pizza business, bad customer reviews, and a staggeringly bold ad campaign.

After many years with the company and previously holding the position of President of Domino’s USA, Patrick Doyle was appointed as CEO of Domino’s as a whole.

At that time, the global pizza chain was struggling to grow as a company. Customer satisfaction was low due to mediocre pizza and the ordering process wasn’t as convenient as it is today.

However, Patrick Doyle took it upon himself to change things, and boost Domino’s success through several innovations and adjustments.

One way he did this was by addressing the negative feedback the pizza chain was receiving.

Customers often compared the pizza crust to cardboard and complained about the “processed cheese” and other aspects of the pizza recipe.

Instead of ignoring these complaints, Doyle decided to publicly acknowledge them, in hopes that the company could move past these issues and start to gain the favor of customers once again.

Accordingly, Domino’s released a documentary video covering the common criticisms of Domino’s pizza.

On top of that, executives explain in the video how the company is responding by completely changing Domino’s pizza recipe.

The documentary ends with the Domino’s logo and the slogan “Oh Yes We Did.”

The slogan represents a new era in the Domino’s company, as pizza and delivery innovations would become paramount to the growing pizza chain.

What Are Domino’s Past Slogans?

What Are Domino's Past Slogans?

Before the current slogan, Domino’s had a few other slogans that ran for a while. These include:

  • “You Got Thirty Minutes”
  • “Get the Door. It’s Domino’s.”
  • “Domino’s. The Pizza Delivery Experts.”
  • “Good and Good for You”

Some of these, like “You Got Thirty Minutes,” was used more prominently by Domino’s than others.

“You Got Thirty Minutes” came into use after the decades-long 30-minute delivery guarantee was discontinued.

Due to a lawsuit regarding road safety problems, Domino’s decided to discontinue its 30-minute delivery guarantee.

Instead, the company created the slogan “You Got Thirty Minutes,” which served as a nod to the guarantee without making any promises.

The slogan was created in 2007, although the free or discounted guarantee for late pizza was discontinued in 1993 after a lawsuit involving a car crash caused by a Domino’s delivery driver.

What Is Domino’s Mission Statement?

Domino’s mission statement, as displayed on the official website for the New Zealand branch of the company, is as follows:

“Our mission is to redefine convenience by creating inspired food, picked up in three minutes or safely delivered in 10.”

This mission is unique to New Zealand Domino’s. Other regions of the world have different websites and often have different strategies when it comes to marketing and branding.

Why Did Domino’s Change Its Slogan?

Domino’s company slogan changed from “You Got Thirty Minutes” to “Oh Yes We Did” in 2009.

This was due to a considerable rebranding campaign that was designed to renew customers’ interest and excitement and improve the overall image of the pizza chain.

Domino’s completely changed its pizza dough recipe, as well as its sauce recipe and cheeses.

In general, the company began to focus on making bold and innovative changes to get customers’ attention.

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Domino’s slogan, “Oh Yes We Did,” is a reflection of the company’s innovative attitude that has allowed the worldwide pizza chain to grow and become one of the most successful restaurant franchises of today.

The slogan was first used in 2009 during an ad campaign in which Domino’s executives addressed customer criticism regarding its pizza. The company then explained what it was doing to change things.

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