Dunkin’ Dress Code (Pants, Shoes, Hair, Tattoos + More)

Dunkin’ Donuts is, without a doubt, an ideal career option, especially if you’re looking for an extra income stream and are enthusiastic about working in the fast-food sector.

However, prospective Dunkin’ employees have one primary concern: The Dunkin’ dress code. So, what’s the accepted dress code at Dunkin’? I embarked on a fact-finding mission, and this is what I discovered!

Dunkin’ Dress Code 2024

Dunkin’ Donuts’ dress code incorporates a crisp white polo shirt paired with khaki or blue jeans as of 2024. While Dunkin’ crew members wear white polo shirts, shift leaders wear blue polo shirts. Dunkin’ employees sport polished, closed-toed, non-slip black shoes. Dunkin’ dress code incorporates brown aprons, hats, name tags, and headsets for drive-thru attendants.

To find out more about Dunkin’s dress code, whether the fast-food chain allows dyed hair, tattoos, face piercings, acrylic nails, and what type of pants and shoes to wear at Dunkin’, keep scrolling!

What Type Of Pants Can I Wear At Dunkin’?

You can only wear khaki or blue jeans pants at Dunkin’.

In its employee handbook, the coffee and donuts company explicitly emphasizes that only blue jeans are allowed in its fast-food stores, not black jeans.

To complete the Dunkin’ look, you must match the khaki or blue jeans pants with a white polo shirt layered under a brown apron and topped with a visor.

While Dunkin’s dress code is casual, the restaurant franchise doesn’t allow its employees to wear ripped jeans, leggings, or shorts.

To cap it off, you must always wear socks during your shift at Dunkin’ due to the health and sanitation policies of the fast-food chain.

Which Type Of Shoes Can I Wear At Dunkin’?

According to the Dunkin’ employee handbook, you must wear black, closed-toed, and rubber-soled shoes during your shift.

In addition, your closed-toed shoes must always be brushed and polished clean to portray a clean and professional look to customers.

Also, since the working environment at Dunkin’ has water, ice, wax paper, bags, and lids, it would help if you sported non-slip shoes to avoid falling.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that some Dunkin’ stores are particular about the type of shoes you should wear on the premises.

Thus, if you aren’t sure about the type of non-slip shoes to purchase, ask your manager to hand you a flyer with the picture of the shoe you need.

Can I Wear Acrylic Nails To Work At Dunkin’?

No, you cannot wear acrylic nails to work at Dunkin’.

That said, the multinational coffee and donuts company has an anti-fancy-nail policy clearly outlined in its employee handbook that you must adhere to.

Moreover, the Dunkin’ fingernails policy indicates that employee nails must be kept clean, well-maintained, and free from debris or dirt.

In addition, the handbook outlines that Dunkin’ employees should only apply natural colored nail polish, while the nails shouldn’t be more than a half-inch long.

Also, it’s important to note that nail charms, decals, and artificial nails are prohibited while working at Dunkin’.

Since Dunkin’ is a franchise business, there may be some nail dress code inconsistencies in different stores.

But, don’t wear acrylic nails while going to work at Dunkin’ to be on the safe side since the policy is clearly outlined in the Dunkin’ handbook.

Can I Wear Jewelry, Makeup, And Tattoos At Dunkin’?

Can I Wear Jewelry, Makeup, And Tattoos At Dunkin'?

Yes, you can wear jewelry, makeup, and tattoos at Dunkin’.

Nevertheless, the quick-service restaurant chain has stringent rules for wearing jewelry, makeup, and tattoos on its premises.

For instance, Dunkin’ requires all its employees who have tattoos to cover them entirely while working at the facility. 

In addition, wearing jewelry at Dunkin’ is limited to only two earrings per ear, while wearing hoops is frowned upon.

Necklaces, on their part, must be worn under polo shirts, and a watch and a ring on each hand are allowed.

More so, Dunkin’ requires you to remove any bracelets, tongue rings, and facial jewelry before starting your shift.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Dunkin’ employees aren’t allowed to wear brightly-colored eyeshadow and dark eyeliner since Dunkin’ specifies them as excessive makeup.

Does Dunkin’ Allow Dyed Hair?

Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts allows dyed hair.

That said, the restaurant chain only allows hair dyed in natural colors such as black, brown, and red, among others.

Therefore, dyeing your hair with unnatural hair colors such as green, blue, pink, and gold is frowned upon while working at Dunkin’.

Fortunately, Dunkin’ Donuts’ employee handbook doesn’t indicate how you should wear your hair.

So, as long as you wear your uniform and observe other dress code requirements, you can sport any hairstyle as long as it’s presentable and professional. 

What Should I Wear To A Dunkin’ Interview?

Although Dunkin’ Donuts’ dress code is casual, that doesn’t mean you should wear shaggy clothes to the fast-food chain’s interview.

However, that doesn’t mean you should wear a suit and tie to the interview since it may be perceived as overdressing.

Instead, simply wear a clean and presentable buttoned-up shirt paired with well-maintained pants.

Additionally, wearing a white polo shirt and khaki or blue pants could tell the interviewers that you’ve done your research.

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The Dunkin’ dress code integrates a white polo shirt for crew members and a blue polo shirt for shift leaders.

The polo shirts are, in turn, paired with khaki or blue jeans, a brown apron, a hat, and black anti-slip closed-toe shoes.

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