Family Dollar Bereavement Policy (All You Need To Know)

Many companies have a bereavement policy that allows employees time off following the loss of a close family member or friend. With that, employees can use their time off to attend a funeral, spend time with family, and grieve.

However, not all companies have such policies. So, if you work at Family Dollar, you may be wondering if it has a bereavement policy and what it entails. Here’s everything I discovered about the issue!

Family Dollar Bereavement Policy In [currentyear]

Family Dollar has a bereavement policy that allows paid time off for employees following the loss of a close family member as of [currentyear]. Bereavement leave is part of the paid leave policy at Family Dollar, which applies to all full-time employees. However, the number of days off allowed isn’t specified, but it’s usually three days.

If you want to know more about the bereavement policy at Family Dollar, carry on reading. You’ll find all the details below!

What Are The Rules On Bereavement Leave At Family Dollar?

Bereavement leave at Family Dollar is covered under its paid time off policies.

With that, employees can take paid time off for personal reasons, vacation, bereavement, and other reasons.

To be eligible for paid time off and other benefits, employees have to work full-time at Family Dollar, 40 hours or more each week.

Usually, bereavement leave at Family Dollar is for three days.

Additionally, employees can use the time off to arrange and attend a funeral, settle legal and personal affairs following the death of a family member, and for grieving.

Does Family Dollar Have Paid Bereavement Leave?

Most companies have bereavement leave for employees, even though no federal laws require it.

So, companies set their own policies since there are no federal laws and very few state laws regarding bereavement leave.

Further, the duration of bereavement leave allowed by different companies varies from one to five days.

At Family Dollar, employees can typically take around three days of paid leave following the loss of an immediate family member.

Also, bereavement leave at Family Dollar comes under the category of paid time off, so Family Dollar pays for the days an employee takes off for bereavement.

However, the paid time off policy only applies to full-time employees at Family Dollar.

In comparison, part-time employees may take time off for bereavement, but Family Dollar won’t pay for it.

What Is Considered Immediate Family At Family Dollar?

What Is Considered Immediate Family At Family Dollar?

Bereavement leave policies usually only apply to the loss of a close family member.

As I previously mentioned, there aren’t any federal laws about bereavement leave, so the definition of immediate family is decided by individual companies.

For example, immediate family members usually include:

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Parents or step-parents
  • Grandparents
  • Siblings
  • In-laws
  • Nephews
  • Nieces
  • Individuals who live in the same household

Sometimes, companies require the name and relationship of the deceased when requesting bereavement leave, and they may even ask for some kind of official proof.

However, at Family Dollar, a simple request to the store manager is all that’s needed to obtain bereavement leave.

What’s The Difference Between Compassionate Leave and Bereavement Leave?

While the two terms are often used interchangeably, they refer to separate things. For example, bereavement leave follows the loss of a family member.

Further, employees can use bereavement leave to attend a funeral, take care of wills and estates, grief counseling, and other related matters.

On the other hand, compassionate leave refers to time off to care for a sick family member or attend to urgent family needs or emergencies.

How Is Funeral Leave Different From Bereavement Leave?

Funeral leave is still another category of leave related to bereavement, but it’s different from bereavement leave.

For example, funeral leave is usually just one day to attend a funeral.

Also, it doesn’t have to be for the funeral of an immediate family member and could be a friend, colleague, or neighbor.

Typically, the one-day funeral leave will count as paid time off for full-time employees, while it will be unpaid for part-time employees.

Additionally, bereavement leave is usually longer than one day and varies from three to five days following the loss of a close family member.

Further, bereavement leave doesn’t have to be taken immediately after the loss but can be requested within three months. 

Moreover, the extended period is because the purpose of bereavement leave is to allow time to mourn and come to terms with the loss, letting the employee return to work in a better frame of mind.

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Family Dollar has a bereavement policy that allows full-time employees to take time off following a loss in the family.

Also, Family Dollar considers bereavement leave paid time off, so full-time employees will be paid for days they take off.

Typically, Family Dollar employees get three days off for bereavement leave. Moreover, part-time employees can get time off for bereavement leave, but it will be unpaid.

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